Charlie Gasparino Explains How Non-Italians Always Screw Up When They Make Meatballs

Fox Business NewsFox Business Network’s senior correspondent is featured in the New York Times’ Diner’s Journal.

The Wall Street reporter dishes on how he likes his meatballs and martinis. 

From the NYTimes

How to make great meatballs “Listen, I think you need good Italian bread. And you need breadcrumbs. And I think you put a little onion in it. And if you really want to kick it up, put milk, whole milk, with the bread, to soften the bread up. And here’s the thing: don’t overseason. People mess it up — I’ve noticed this with non-Italians making meatballs: too much oregano, way too much salt, and too much garlic. Those three things. Italian is, like, less. Italians from Italy use very little garlic.”

We’ll keep that in mind. 

Read the whole thing here >

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