Gasparino: Murdoch Is One Of The Few Who Understands The Survival Of Journalism

charlie gasparino

Fox Business Networks’ Charlie Gasparino is the latest subject of Here Is The City’s 60 second Q and A. When asked “Which business leader do you most admire and why?” Gasparino responded:

[H]igh on my list is Rupert Murdoch even when I worked at the competition. And here’s why: he’s one of the few (if not the only) media executive who understands ‘convergence’ – namely that survival of modern journalism requires a combination of skills from its practitioners: broadcast tv, radio and print.

Now that Gasparino has moved from CNBC to FBN, he admits his answer “is going to sound a little self serving.”

Other media figures he admires are Jack Welch and Bob Greene, investigative editor for Newsday.

Gasparino also listed When Genius Failed (The Rise and Fall of Long-Term capital Management) by Roger Lowenstein as the best business book he’s ever read.

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