GASPARINO: Here’s Why Goldman Still Has No Chance Of Winning The Facebook IPO

Charlie Gasparino

[credit provider=”Fox Business News”]

Over the weekend, Charlie Gasparino tweeted that by leaking information about the impending IPO, Morgan Stanley had angered Facebook and implied that Facebook might take action against the bank.So does that mean that Goldman Sachs now has a chance to bump Morgan Stanley out of its lead position?

In short, no.

Charlie Gasparino just reported on Fox Business that despite what his sources were telling him over the weekend, Goldman has virtually no chance to lead the IPO.

Gasparino said that key to Facebook’s consideration was the volume of controversy surrounding Goldman Sachs, including the mismanaged execution of Facebook’s private offering. That offering eventually had to be pulled from U.S. investors due to SEC scrutiny and was in the end only available to international buyers.