GASPARINO: Facebook Furious At Morgan Stanley Over Leak Of IPO News

On Friday afternoon it was reported that Facebook planned to file for its IPO on Wednesday, with sources later saying the S-1 could be submitted as early as Monday.

Also on Friday, we learned that Morgan Stanley was ‘close’ to securing the lead underwriting role, beating out rival Goldman Sachs.

But now, according to a series of tweets from Fox Business reporter Charlie Gasparino, Morgan Stanley’s lead role may be in jeopardy.

Gasparino said via tweets on Saturday Facebook is upset that details of the underwriter selection process were leaked and that they will “backfire” on Morgan Stanley.

Here’s Gasparino’s first tweet on the topic:

Gasparino facebook tweet 1

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If true, that’s an extraordinary shift from the state of play as recently as Friday. 

When asked how he knew that Morgan Stanley leaked that the information, and not Goldman Sachs, Gasparino tweeted the following:

Gasparino facebook tweet 2

That’s by and large true.

But what if Goldman had leaked the information that they had lost out to Morgan Stanley in a devious attempt to undermine their chief competitor’s relationship with a sought after-client? 

Here’s what Gasparino had to say to that question:

Gasparino facebook tweet 3

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It seems Gasparino feels that his sources and information leave little in question, which leaves us waiting for his exclusive report Monday.