Gasparino And Ratigan Blast Their Old Employer, CNBC

Last night, Fox Business Network’s Charlie Gasparino and MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan were on “The O’Reilly Factor” and “The Colbert Report,” respectively, where each took the opportunity to sound off on the network they used to work for, CNBC.

On O’Reilly’s show, it began with a conversation about NBC Universal’s “left wing agenda.” 

GASPARINO: They do not present the other side of the story. They will not be fair

O’REILLY: You worked at CNBC. That’s a business network. Did you see left wing stuff there?

GASPARINO: There was this issue where Jeff Immelt, chairman of GE, which used to own NBC Universal, called in some of the senior staff, and clearly was worried, according to the people I spoke to who were in that meeting, about the possibility that we were becoming too anti-administration. This is when the Obama administration first took over …  They will deny it, but from what I understand, people got called into this meeting and they were basically, not exactly read the riot act, but the question of whether they were being fair to the president was brought up.

Here’s the clip, via Mediaite:

Meanwhile, on “The Colbert Report,” the conversation quickly turned to Wall Street and CNBC:

COLBERT: You constantly show contempt for the people you used to work with. People on Wall Street. You used to be on “Fast Money.” On CNBC. OK? That was a great show. And it was an honest show. Because the money was very fast.

RATIGAN: Very fast! [laughs]

COLBERT: So why did you leave the world of Wall Street, and being a cheerleader for Wall Street, to go over to the other side?

Ratigan’s answer, starting around 3:00:

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