GRUDGE MATCH: Taibbi And Gasparino To Shred Each Other On Imus This Thursday?

Charlie Gasparino CNBC

The Matt Taibbi-Charlie Gasparino drama continues. Imus’s radio show is trying to book the two for Thursday morning, although it’s not confirmed.

In the meantime, Gasparino is actually making semi-nice.

Gasparino read our post about Taibbi’s response to his Daily Beast take-down of Taibbi’s Goldman Sachs piece, and he tells us that Taibbi has “taken this way too personally.”

Gasparino says Taibbi’s a “good writer” and that “everyone makes mistakes…I’ve written some clunkers too.” But he stands by the claim that the Rolling Stone article “went overboard on Goldman.”

It’s nothing about Goldman either, says Gasparino: “I have pissed on Goldman a lot more than Matt Taibbi…everyone makes mistakes, but the Goldman story was over-the-top. It was so obvious as a hit job.”

To be continued — hopefully — Thursday morning!


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