Oil Prices Are Cratering -- But So Is The Price Of Petrol In The US

All anyone in the market is talking about these days is oil.

And as the price of oil has cratered, so has the price of gas. As of Monday, the average price for one gallon of regular gas in the US was $US2.63, the lowest since 2010, according to data from the Federal Reserve.

Some analysts will tell you that falling oil prices are good for the economy because lower gas prices means more money for consumers to spend.

Others will say that the speed and depth of the decline in oil prices could be signaling something bad about the state of the global economy.

The last time gas prices fell this far, this fast, we were in a recession. Though some research suggests that the decline in gas prices has so far amounted to a tax cut of $US500 per household.

As Jeffrey Gundlach said in his webcast on Tuesday: “The one thing that’s constant in the world of investing is change.”

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