Gas Is Over $7 A Gallon In This California City

Avalon CaliforniaAvalon, California on Catalina Island

Photo: Lisa Andres via flickr

Residents of the coastal California Island of Catalina expect things to be a bit more expensive, but even here gas has reached a new high.CBS Los Angeles reports that gas prices in the city of Avalon have averaged about $7 for the past two weeks.

One 15 year resident told CBS that he paid $7.10 for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline last week, but the price has dropped down to $7.03 as of yesterday.

Catalina is about 22 miles long by eight miles wide, and local business owner Catherine Rogers says many residents walk more than they drive cars, or use golf carts to get where they need to go.

She says the carts get a fill-up about once a month, so for the moment residents aren’t complaining too loudly.

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