Only people in DC got to see a bizarre Super Bowl commercial with a Trump impersonator and the Redskins' quarterback

Cyprus Air Heating, Cooling and Fireplaces/YouTubeThe ad opens with John Di Domenico playing President Donald Trump tweeting while walking.
  • Super Bowl viewers in the Washington, DC area saw a bizarre commercial with an impersonator of President Donald Trump.
  • Kirk Cousins, quarterback for the Washington Redskins, co-starred in the spot.
  • It’s the second year the company, Cyprus Air Fireplace Systems, aired a regional commercial featuring “Trump.”

Viewers in the DC area were treated to a bizarre local Super Bowl commercial with an impersonator of President Donald Trump and the quarterback for the Washington Redskins selling fireplaces.

The company, Cyprus Air Fireplace Systems, aired a similar spot with impersonator John Di Domenico last year, calling both the “funniest local commercial.”

The company’s Twitter account was teasing this year’s ad all week. “Have you seen our ad from last year with @Johnnyd23?” the account tweeted on Friday. “We promise this year’s is even better.”

We first saw the ad on reporter Brian McNally’s Twitter feed, and it immediately lit up social media.

Quarterback Kirk Cousins also tweeted his thanks to Cyprus Air, with a link to the full commercial.

Cyprus Air Heating, Cooling and Fireplaces/YouTubeKirk Cousins sits on John Di Domenico’s lap in the ad.

Cousins encounters a disgruntled Trump walking away from the White House while tweeting about coal fireplaces, and immediately comes to the rescue to get the president a gas version – hilarity ensues.

While Di Domenico’s vocal impersonation of Trump is close to the president’s cadence, he’s much shorter than Trump’s 6-foot-3-inch frame.

Cyprus Air took a risk that seemed to pay off.

The ad that aired encouraged viewers to head to their website to see the whole commercial. Less than an hour after airing, the video already had over 31,000 views:

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