The automaker that wants to eliminate car keys now lets you order gas fill-ups and car washes on-demand

Volvo On-CallVolvo Cars USA Filld representative fills up a Volvo — on-demand.

Volvo showed off an expanded version of its mobile on-demand service at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show on Wednesday. The company plans to offer gas fill-ups, car washes, and vehicle maintenance to owners via its Volvo on-call app.

Volvo says it will use its digital car-key technology to give service providers access to an owner’s vehicle, and once the service is complete, the digital key expires.

The Swedish automaker touted that digital key technology in February. It plans to ditch physical keys entirely starting in 2017.

One of Volvo’s strategic partners — the one filling up your tank — is Filld, a Silicon Valley based startup billed as the “Uber for gas.” Filld has a similar partnership with Bentley Motors.

A pilot program for this new version of Volvo’s on-call app is scheduled for the San Francisco Bay Area this month, where a few hundred owners will take the service for a spin. It is unclear when the on-demand service will be widely available.

The app has been operating in the wild for some time. Business Insider first tested it during our first review of the XC90 SUV in October last year. At the time, the platform’s functionality was limited to remote start, remote locking, and location services.

It looks like Volvo plans to offer additional on-demand options in the future, falling in line with an expanding market sector where everything from startups to conglomerates are vying for attention.

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