Gary Vaynerchuk Has Figured Out The Best Wine To Pair With A Taco Bell 'Crunchwrap Supreme'

The world has long wondered which wine goes best with a Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme, so who better to answer this age-old question than famed investor and wine guru Gary Vaynerchuk?

Vaynerchuk posted a video answer to the question, recently inspired by a Reddit thread.

His verdict: Chilean Syrah.

“Do you remember purple Nerds candy?” he asks. “Put that into the microwave, get it to a reduction sauce, and that’s coming across.” He goes on to describe the wine as “a great explosion of red flowers” with “a little hint of black licorice.”

“Going with the spiciness of the meats and the cheeses — perfect harmony,” he says. “This doesn’t overpower it, so you still actually taste the Supreme, but the wine coexists, dances a perfect dance.”

And now we know.

Here’s the video:

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