Goldman's Gary Cohn To Politician: "We're Getting Sick Of The Bull$#it!"

Gary Cohn

Photo: WEF

Charlie Gasparino accuses a number of Wall Streeters of becoming enraged at Politicians who publicly trashed them while privately implying that they would help them out – if they donate.Read over this snippet from Gasparino’s new book, Bought And Paid For, and it’s obvious who was bought and who paid for it.

Goldman COO Gary Cohn once cornered Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid at a fundraiser at Goldman’s headquarters in Manhattan: “Who do you think you are, coming here asking for money while you trash us?” Reid sat back and took the abuse, even as Cohn shouted, “We’re getting sick of the bullshit!” Despite the anger, Reid went home with $40,000 in donations that night.

The “bullshit” is financial regulation and banker-bashing, both of which are needed for votes from a Wall Street-hating public.

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