GOLDMAN: 'We Don't Have A Major Concern' With Bloomberg

CNBC’s senior economics correspondent Steve Liesman sat down with Goldman Sachs COO/president Gary Cohn at the bank’s 200 West Street headquarters for an interview. 

During the interview, Liesman took the opportunity to bring up the Bloomberg Terminal spying scandal. 

Goldman was the bank that complained to Bloomberg LP after it discovered some of the Bloomberg News reporters were using private client data to fuel coverage of their stories.  

Cohn told Liesman that Goldman does not “have a major concern” with Bloomberg and the media giant is “reacting in a positive way addressing the issues.”   

Here’s a transcript from the CNBC interview: 

Liesman: There’s another story we have been talking a lot about on CNBC, which is the story about Bloomberg and a potential conflict over there. How much concern is there at Goldman Sachs, which is a big user of Bloomberg services and terminals, with the conflict issue?

Cohn: We don’t have a major concern. We talked to Bloomberg about a month ago. We’ve had numerous conversations with Dan Doctoroff. Dan is completely immersed in the situation. He understands the magnitude of the problem. I think they are really reacting in a positive way in addressing the issues that we might have had.

Liesman: Have they told you enough of what you need to know to feel comfortable going forward?

Cohn: We’re in constant dialogue with Dan and his team. We are giving them time to understand the issue and allow them to really have real data and real information. I would rather get the truth when they know it and not have them tell me things they’re not 100% confident in, but at this point I think they are doing a very good job at communicating with us.

Watch the video below.  The conversation about the terminals happens around the 4:40 mark. 

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