What's The Difference Between Gary Cohn And Lloyd Blankfein When They Visit The Trading Floor?

Lloyd Blankfein Gary Cohn

Photo: AP

Goldman Sachs’ two highest-ranking executives rose up through the firm’s securities arm.In fact, both Lloyd Blankfein and Gary Cohn started out their days as commodities traders, so when they visit the trading floor, it’s kind of like going home.

Except apparently the CEO and COO have a vastly different manner when they take a trip into the heartland.

While Lloyd strolls through the floor with a smile on his face, relaxed and ready to mingle, Cohn is on the warpath, we’re told by a tipster.

We knew the Goldman chief loves visiting his troops; he was down there to congratulate new partners as soon as the news was announced, and he was even on the floor the day of New Year’s Eve.

Cohn’s presence is a little different…

“Cohn marches across the floor,” a trader tells us. “He always looks angry — he just storms through with this mean look on his face.”

And apparently you can’t miss him when he’s on the floor, “because he’s so tall.”

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