Gartner’s Hype Cycle 2011: Social Analytics And Activity Streams Reach “The Peak”

Every year Gartner publishes the Hype Cycle reports that assess more than 1,900 technologies on their maturity, business benefit and future direction.

The “Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies” report is the longest-running annual Hype Cycle, providing a cross-industry perspective on the technologies and trends that IT managers should consider in developing emerging-technology portfolios. This year technologies like Social Analytics and Activity Streams are in the “Peak of Inflated Expectations”. In this phase a frenzy of publicity typically generates over-enthusiasm and unrealistic expectations. There may be some successful applications of a technology, but there are typically more failures.

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Activity Streams are:

the future of enterprise collaboration, uniting people, data, and applications in real-time in a central, accessible, virtual interface. Think of a company social network where every employee, system, and business process exchanged up-to-the-minute information about their activities and outcomes. Now, instead of pockets of knowledge, the company will have one central nervous system that unifies every piece of corporate information. Activity Streams fundamentally change how companies do business, unlocking the vast amount of information generated by everyday operations and making it instantly available across previously defined boundaries. Activity Streams humanize every business process inside a company, adding a social layer to data and opening up real-time collaboration.

Source: SocialCast

Activity Streams and Social Analytics are related because from the vast amount of real-time and dynamic information actionable insights need to be extracted so that the organisation can efficiently and effectively focus itself. Next to these two mentioned techs, it will be interesting to learn how Predictive Analytics (finding itself in the Slope of Enlightenment) and Business Process Management tools will help the furthering data-centric organisation and its ability to adapt and serve the customer as effectively as possible.

Jackie Fenn, vice president and Gartner fellow said:

“Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies” targets strategic planning, innovation and emerging technology professionals by highlighting a set of technologies that will have broad-ranging impact across the business. It is the broadest aggregate Gartner Hype Cycle, featuring technologies that are the focus of attention because of particularly high levels of hype, or those that may not be broadly acknowledged but that Gartner believes have the potential for significant impact.”

The technologies that feature strongly in the report include:

The connected world – finding ways to digitally communicate with each other by using objects in the physical world such as wireless identification technologies.

Analytical advances – turning raw data into a series of statistics which help in growing the capability of a company; this includes image recognition and social analytics.

Interface Trends – user interface has been slow to evolve over the past decade; gesture recognition is now a viable interface option and in conjunction with augmented reality, will drive an evolution in the user experience.