GARTNER: Every Budget Is Becoming An IT Budget As Australian IT Spend Grows To $77.2 Billion Next Year

Technology analyst firm Gartner is expecting Australian firms to spend a total of $77.2 billion on technology products and services in 2014, up 2.3% from this year.

Analysts today reported that businesses around the world were coming into a “digital world” in which “every budget [is] an IT budget; every company [is] a technology company; every business [is] a digital leader; and every person [is] a technology company”.

That’s all thanks to the growing prevalence of cloud, social and mobile technologies, better and more usable data, and the “internet of everything”, in which sensors help connect physical objects to the digital world.

Of the $77.2 billion that Australian businesses are expected to spend next year, Gartner says $29.7 billion will be spent on IT services, $26.9 billion on telecommunications, $7.6 billion on software and $3.7 billion on mobile devices.

The projected spend on the latter category is down from $4 billion this year, reflecting falling costs and a relatively saturated market.

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