This Garnier Ad Campaign Only Appears Near Photos Of Pretty Women

Garnier blonde girl street city
An image from Garnier’s Facebook page.

[credit provider=”Garnier / Facebook”]

Garnier, the haircare and cosmetics company, is running an online ad campaign in which ads are only triggered by photos of pretty women with great skin.The company has employed Luminate, a photo-recognition company, to identify and properly tag relevant photos. It only wants its ads to appear on web pages that show a woman with beautiful skin. The thinking is that such images might make women think, “Hmm. I wonder what skincare products she uses?” According to Ad Age:

“We targeted images of women, not just celebrity women but women with beautiful skin, women in fashionable environments,” said Michelle Ryan, VP of marketing for Garnier Skin Care.

The thought here is that when women see an image of a woman with great skin, they are in the mindset to learn more about products. “Skin care in particular is a category where women seek out content before they go to a store and buy,” she said.

Luminate’s ad-serving system is ingenious. It uses an algorithm to scan the web for photos on publishers’ web sites that might qualify. The images are filtered to exclude porn or nudity, and to weight in favour of face shots. Qualifying images are then screened by Luminate’s freelance staff. For Garnier, 20 million images were winnowed into 230,000 possibles.

Luminate offers publishers a variety of ways to sell their photos as ad triggers. Once the Luminate software is installed, it is triggered if a photo qualifies for an ad buyer’s targeting goals. For instance, let’s say a jeans seller wants its ads near photos of people wearing jeans. If a reader moves her mouse over the photo, a box will pop out telling her how to get that look.