No One Seems To Know Why This British Spy Was Found Dead In A Locked Holdall Bag

The untimely death of Gareth Williams, a member of British spy agencies, in 2010, sparked a number of rumours about what lay behind his premature end.

Most, of course, focused on the unusual situation in which Williams was found — locked in a sports holdall bag in his en-suite bathroom.

Footage released at an inquest into his death this week also revealed a women’s clothing and lipstick:

Speaking today to the inquest, Reuters reports that a woman referred to only as “F”, who worked for MI6, the agency that Williams was seconded to, confirmed that Williams had no reason to wear woman’s clothing for his work.

She added that “there was no reason to think his death was in any way connected to his work.”

The news is unlikely to of any comfort to William’s family. Their lawyer has said that they believed “a member of some agency specializing in the dark arts of the secret services” had removed evidence from the scene.

Worse still, the exact manner in which Williams died is still a subject of debate. Sky News reports that scientists quizzed today have said that they cannot rule out the possibility that Williams was poisoned.

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