This Snakelike Garden In England Is 30 Feet Wide And Three-Quarters Of A Mile Long

The Gables at Alne, located in the English countryside, has got to be one of the strangest properties out there.

The two-bedroom cottage sits on a garden that is 30 feet wide and three-quarters of a mile long. And it just hit the market with a listing price of $570,000, according to The Daily Mail.

The place is currently occupied by a former postman and his wife, who spend much of their time maintaining the lengthy garden and hedge.

How did the Gables at Alne come to be?

Apparently, the property was once part of a private railroad. The railroad was removed in the 1950s, but the space’s shape was left unchanged.

The garden, which takes about half an hour to transverse, contains a pond, patio, greenhouse and “wildlife area.”

Check out the aerial video from The Daily Mail:

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