Gap Needs To Prove One More Thing To Secure Its Comeback

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Gap is back, at least for now.The retailer is well-known for selling brightly-coloured basics, such as denim in different hues, which is also an important style trend right now. 

But fashion trends could change at any time, and Gap needs to solidify its standing with customers, cautions analyst Richard Jaffe at Stifel Nicolaus. 

“They do a great job with colour and with casual bottoms, so how nice for them that the world woke up and said we need more brightly coloured jeans. We can’t forget that being in the right place at the right time is a very good thing,” Jaffe told AdAge.

But analysts have begun to wonder if Gap can stay on top. 

Natalie Zmuda at AdAge recently profiled Gap’s marketing strategy under former Oglivy legend Seth Farbman.

Zmuda points out that while Gap made some very important changes to its business, some of their success this year had to do with luck.

Millennials, Gap’s core customers, have begun to eschew fast-fashion brands in favour of more reliable basics.

“The challenge is to adjust to the change and remain, not only appealing, but stimulating and exciting to the consumer each week, month, year.” 

Gap is also aware of the challenge. Farbman told AdAge that it was figuring out how to “build out what it means to be a brand with American optimism and casual style time and time again.”

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