Gap Is Doing Something That Has Never Been Done On Tumblr Before [THE BRIEF]

Good morning, AdLand. Here’s what you need to know today:

Not only is Gap going back to television ads — its last TV campaign aired Christmas 2009 — but the “Back to Blue” marketing push is also taking over the internet. Namely Tumblr. It will do a complete ad takeover on August 29, and it is the first brand ever to do so. The content will be user created submissions of what “blue” means to them.

Kraft Foods Groupis coming out with some strange ads for a new product line of nine “meal starters.” The campaign has a $US30 million budget, stars celebrity chefs as children, and uses the catch phrase “Get your chef together.” (Is this kind of like the “Ship My Pants” Kmart pun?)

Twitter and Viacom are partnering up to sell ads to VMA sponsors.

Daniel Diez joined R/GA as the newly created global chief marketing officer position. He was previously at Interbrand.

The Dachis Group is trying to solve real-time marketing for brands.

Pizza Hut made a big customer service mistake on Facebook.

Pereira & O’Dell is taking over as Fox Sports 1’s creative ad agency. Before, things were done in-house.

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