Gap Is Cool For The First Time Since Bill Clinton Was President

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A year ago, Gap seemed hopeless.America’s largest clothing chain announced it was closing hundreds of stores, many top managers were jumping ship and no one was buying Gap jeans or sweaters. 

Now, Gap is cool for the first time since Bill Clinton was president, Spencer Jakab at the Wall Street Journal writes

The Gap seems to have gotten its mojo back. The last time the specialty apparel retailer was cool, Bill Clinton was in the White House. Now, a number of design and marketing initiatives finally seem to have paid off and the stock is again trading at levels last seen around the turn of the century.

It looks like Jakab is on to something. Shares for the retailer have more than doubled in the past year, and Gap is reporting month after month of great sales. 

Their marketing campaigns, such as this one profiling rising music stars, have given the retailer credibility with the young crowd. 

So how did Gap do it?

A year ago, Chief Marketing Officer Seth Farbman said the company would be focusing on millennials. Gap also worked on its identity crisis and went back to the t-shirt and denim looks consumers loved. 

Executives also recruited tons of talent from successful brands like J. Crew to make the overall product better. 

Wall Street analyst firm Piper Jaffray believes Gap is one of the best-positioned retailers for the next year. So expect things to get even better. 

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