Now That Hamptons Season Is Over, Gant Wants To Dress Men For The Galapagos

Gant Spring Summer 2013

Photo: Eric Platt/Business Insider

For Summer 2013, Michael Bastian took the Gant man and woman backpacking through the Galapagos off the coast of Ecuador.To get that effect, Bastian took over Industria Superstudio in Manhattan, adding floating islands throughout the space with models in distressed blazers, chunky knit sweaters, and cardigans.

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Bastian took his inspiration from a BBC documentary on the Galapagos, pushing him to a parade of colour with bursts of burnt orange, olives, navies, along with a number of weathered blues and greens.

The looks were roughed up, slightly destroyed, and Bastian employed few patterns — instead going for striped poplin shirts and crew-necks, dip-dyed sweaters, and madras shorts.

“It was a mix of technical material … some indigenous elements, for a South American vibe, and then a lot of American sportswear, which is what Gant is all about,” Bastian told me during the presentation.

These were the kind of garments a Merrill second-year could wear when heading back to the office on a Saturday or Sunday morning to finish a pitch book.

But they make more sense in the Hamptons, on the Cape, or out in Ecuador, as Bastian imagines.

A number of designers this season, Bastian included, have tried to rework the cargo short and pant for men, mostly to mixed success. Gant slimmed them down and the look resonated somewhat on a 6’2, 160 pound model.

But I’m not convinced they’ll have the same effect on most Americans.

Overall, the clothes did not push the envelope — and that’s not a bad thing. They had the ease a summer vacation requires: throw it on, grab some flip flops and shades, and head to the water.

Google has a different idea of what you'll be wearing...

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