Gannett Orders Its TV Stations To Promote Its mummy Sites, Now

mummy blogs are popular with readers and with advertisers. So it’s not surprising that a media conglomerate like Gannett (GCI) would attempt to launch its own network of mummy sites around the country.

What is (a little bit) surprising: Gannett’s TV stations are promoting the venture with fluffy stories produced for their local websites. One, KDTV in Denver, disclosed the connection, but WKYC in Cleveland didn’t.

Gannett has been launching regional sites for few years under names like, and Now they’re pulling them together under one brand,

From the looks of job listings in Cleveland, Denver, Atlanta, Sacramento, and other cities, the local Gannett affiliate manages the venture in their respective communities. The site says 75 regional mummy sites already launched, including several in big markets where Gannett doesn’t own a station like New York, San Francisco and Seattle. Where Gannett has a station and a mummy site, the site gets a button at the bottom of the page.

Few of these sites appear to have much traffic, and they’re getting into a space that’s incredibly crowded now with entrants like Time Warner’s MomLogic, CafeMom, iVillage’s and BlogHer, not to mention the myriad personality-driven blogs like Dooce. They might need to get the local stations to start airing on-air stories about the sites, too.

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