Psy Reveals The Things He Can't Live Without

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Photo: Getty Images / Mike Coppol

Movie stars, parents, and marching bands everywhere agree – “Gangnam Style” is K-pop at its katchiest. Little is known about Psy, the man behind the dynamo dance (save his love for a good pastel tux). Well, we didn’t want to hear one more “Hey, sexy lady!” without knowing the basics on K-Pop’s reigning king – y’know, like what kind of ice cream we should get him after a long day of teaching Britney Spears how to dance. So we asked him! Here are his exclusive answers to these and other key questions. Now you know everything!Vices:

1. favourite Cocktail: B-52

2. favourite Ice Cream flavour: Mint Chocolate Chip

3. favourite Junk Food: Alcohol

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4. favourite Actor: Tom Cruise

5. favourite Comedian: The Elevator Guy from “Gangnam Style” video

6. favourite Rapper: Eminem

7. favourite Singer: Freddie Mercury

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8. favourite Website: My Twitter account (@psy_oppa)

9. favourite Jeans: I never wear jeans

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10. favourite Vacation Spot: Home

11. favourite City: Seoul

12. favourite Body Part, Own: Eyes

For the rest of Psy’s favourite Things, click here!

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