THE ODDS: The 17 characters most likely to die on 'Game of Thrones' this week

In this shortened, seven-episode season of “Game of Thrones,” basically a
nyone can be killed — at any time.
So to prepare you (and ourselves) for the end of a season suspiciously filled with only a few deaths, we put together a list of all the characters with a pretty big chance of dying this week.

Season seven episode seven, “The Dragon and the Wolf” airs Sunday night on HBO.

Here’s who will live and who will die this week on “Game of Thrones:”

Sansa Stark -- 68%

Helen Sloan/HBO

Chance of survival: 68%. Sansa will probably survive the season, but the last time we saw her, Arya literally threatened to cut off her face.

Tyrion Lannister -- 65%


Chance of survival: 65%. Tyrion is at a huge risk being within reach of his sister, Cersei. But the chances that we will see his death on the show are slim, but it would be a death that cuts deep and changes the game (of thrones!) moving forward. He's one of the people to root for, which makes him pretty vulnerable.

Brienne of Tarth -- 60%

Helen Sloan/HBO

Chance of survival: 60%. Won't be surprising at all if she makes it, just delightful. Brienne is one of the few characters who deserves to make it to the, what we assume to be happy, end. But she does fight for a living, and she'll definitely do some fighting in King's Landing.

Varys -- 52%


Chance of survival: 52%. Varys is too cool and smart to die, but it's possible, especially if it's revealed that his loyalties have shifted once again. But we do think he's a big believer in Dany's cause, and someone will have to be her Master of Spies once she takes the throne.

Podrick Payne -- 40%

Helen Sloan/HBO
Brienne and Podrick in Winterfell

Chance of survival this episode: 40%. We're waiting for his shining moment, and it could be sacrificing himself for one of his favourite buddies: Brienne, Bronn, or Tyrion.

Sandor Clegane/The Hound -- 35%


Chance of survival: 35%. The Hound's scenes in the season seven premiere proved that his story is moving forward in a way that makes his character more important than ever. He will hopefully be an essential figure in the battles to come, but it looks like he'll finally fight his brother, The Mountain, which could result in his death.

Bronn -- 34%

Macall B. Polay/HBO

Chance of survival: 34%. Bronn's chances of survival depend on where his loyalties lie. He could die protecting one of the Lannister bros, and our bet is Tyrion.

Cersei Lannister -- 25%

Helen Sloan/HBO

Chance of survival: 25%. If Cersei survives this episode, it's because Tyrion is a forgiving brother, and won't let Daenerys intervene. If she doesn't die by the end of season seven, she will definitely die in season eight. Kill her already, sweet Jaime!

Grey Worm -- 20%

Chance of survival this episode: 20%. Hopefully Daenerys can come to his rescue, but it looks like he'll lead the Unsullied into some kind of battle this week. His life is always at risk, but he's made it this far because he (and all the Unsullied) are really, really good at what they do.

Missandei -- 20%

Macall B. Polay/HBO

Chance of survival: 20%.More like Missan-die (sorry, we couldn't resist). We are very, very worried about Missandei. She is usually at her queen's side, which makes her relatively safe from threats. But her presence in King's Landing in the finale has us worried. Her death would be emotional and impactful for many characters, and every viewer.

Maester Qyburn -- 10%

Anton Lesser as Qyburn, left, and Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister.

Chance of survival: 10%. With Varys back in King's Landing, he'll probably want his little birds back under his control. This might mean Qyburn has to go.

Tormund Giantsbane -- 10%


Chance of survival: 10%. He's survived a lot of battles and he'll literally rip the throats out of his enemies using his teeth. So there's a very small chance he'll survive, but he ticks around Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, and will likely die fighting the Night King and his army.

Beric Dondarrion -- 8%


Chance of survival: 8%. Beric sticks around Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, and will likely die fighting the Night King and his army.

Edd and Whoever's left at The Night's Watch -- 8%


Chance of survival this episode: 8%. The White Walkers, who have a freaking dragon now, could come for Castle Black and the wall. No one there is safe, unless they find out what happened via raven mail (it's just like email, but with birds!) and move south as soon as possible.

Yara Greyjoy -- 5%

Helen Sloan/HBO

Chance of survival: 5%. Euron isn't a forgiving man.

Littlefinger -- 4%


Chance of survival: 4%. Maniacal laugh. Littlefinger is doomed. We're hoping that the Stark sister feud that he facilitated isn't real, and actually part of a clever plan by Arya and/or Sansa to finally take him down and get back at him for betraying their father, Ned Stark, in season one. Littlefinger is responsbile for pretty much everything that started the war that split up the Stark family, so we're excited to see how his life ends.

Gregor Clegane/The Mountain -- 2%


Chance of survival: 2%. His brother The Hound, who is not a zombie, is coming to town. And we're hoping The Mountain gets absolutely crushed by him, and for good this time.

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