The coming 'Game of Thrones' battle is going to have an incredible callback to one of Theon Greyjoy's first ever scenes

HBOTheon makes a promise to Robb.
  • Sunday’s “Game of Thrones” will feature an intense battle at Winterfell.
  • The army of the dead approached the castle at the end of the last episode on the HBO drama.
  • During the season’s second episode, Theon swore to protect Bran in the Godswood, a callback to season one.
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When the army of the dead descends upon Winterfell during Sunday’s episode of “Game of Thrones,” Theon Greyjoy and his Ironborn soldiers will be protecting Bran Stark in the Godswood.

Some fans of the HBO series have noticed that Theon’s promise calls back to one of Theon’s earliest scenes.

On episode two of the first season, Catelyn Stark gathers Theon, Robb Stark, Maester Luwin, and Ser Rodrik Cassel in the Godswood to tell them that she suspects the Lannisters pushed Bran Stark out of the tower in an attempt to kill him.

“If it’s war they want,” Robb starts to say before Theon interjects.

“If it comes to that, you know I’ll stand behind you,” Theon says.

“What? Is there going to be a battle in the Godswood?” Luwin says.

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That battle is finally coming to the Godswood. During the second episode of season eight, Jon’s battle strategy relies on killing the Night King to hopefully destroy his army. When Bran reveals his plans to lure the Night King into the open by sitting in the Godswood, Theon promises to protect him.

“I took this castle from you,” Theon tells Bran. “Let me defend you now.”

Theon game of thrones season 8HBOTheon swears to protect Bran.

Theon betrayed the Starks on season two and seized Winterfell for the Ironborn. He executed Ser Rodrik Cassel when he took the castle, as Bran and Rickon escaped with Hodor and Osha. Theon eventually lost Winterfell to Ramsay Bolton and was held captive and tortured until his escape with Sansa during season five.

Expect the North to fight a battle unlike any other when the White Walkers arrive during Sunday’s episode.

“Game of Thrones” airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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