Sophie Turner says the 'Game of Thrones' cast makes fun of Kit Harington for his obsession with his hair

Kit Harington is known for his luscious locks on HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” but according to costar Sophie Turner, the cast pokes fun at the actor’s obsession with his hair.

In an interview with InStyle, the 22-year-old actress said Harington is “obsessed” with his hair.

“Before red carpets, you would always see him scrunching the ends of his curls to make sure they’re perfect,” she said. “We all take the piss out on him for that.”

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Jon SnowHBOHarington has long hair as Jon Snow.

She said her TV brother – or rather, her cousin – does have the “best” hair on the show.

“He probably takes the most care of his hair out of like everyone on the show I know,” she said.

Harington’s appearance is slightly different now that the actor is sporting a mustache and short hair while he’s acting on London’s West End in “True West.”

“Game of Thrones” returns to HBO on Sunday, April 14.

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