A massive but unverified 'Game of Thrones' season 7 plot leak is taking over the fandom -- here's what we know

The INSIDER Summary:

• Several weeks ago a Redditor posted what they claimed was the season seven “Game of Thrones” plot.
• At first people doubted them, but now the claims are starting to get confirmed by other sources.

• There is no concrete evidence yet that ALL of the Reddit leaks are true.

“Game of Thrones” leaks are nothing new. So far during season seven’s filming we have seen an avalanche of set photos and videos coming from sneaky fans. But there’s a different type of leak floating around online, and it’s starting to get to the fandom riled up.

Almost a month ago, a Redditor named awayforthelads posted a series of comments in a popular “Game of Thrones” subreddit, /r/FreeFolk. They consisted of everything from where Jon and Daenerys may wind up by the season’s end to who else may learn of Jon Snow’s true parentage.

When asked how they knew about all the main details for the entire season, awayforthelads replied: “I definitely don’t write for the show. I just know someone, who knows someone who does.”

Awayforthelads has since deleted their account (taking the comments along with them), but thanks to screencaps saved by other “Free Folk” the leaks live on. One Redditor, maureencreates, has gathered the main plot points into what they believe is chronological order. 

Why people believe the leaks are true

“Free Folk” is considered a safe haven for discussion about the series involving speculation and leaks — conversation topics that are often contained to specific “spoiler” threads by moderators in the other two main subreddits, /r/GameofThrones and /r/asoiaf. 

During season six, “Free Folk” was one of the platforms a Redditor and YouTuber named “FrikiDoctor” chose to release leaks of their own. FrikiDoctor was posting videos which outlined nearly everything that would happen in the coming episode.

People speculated that FrikiDoctor (who posted his leaks in Spanish) may have been connected to an international affiliate of HBO. He leaked the plots for the first three episodes of season six before a combination of too much media attention and pressure from HBO caused him to discontinue the videos.

Long before season six aired, another anonymous Redditor also posted very specific details about what would happen in the epic “Battle of the Bastards” episode. This Redditor claimed to be an extra on set, and their entire description of the events wound up unfolding in nearly the exact same way. 

So there is precedent for these types of anonymous Reddit leaks coming from valid (if anonymous) sources. 

Another reason people are inclined to believe the leaks comes from Watchers on the Wall — a “Game of Thrones” news sites with reliable sources connected to the show’s filming. Watchers on the Wall has posted a report that corroborates one key element of awayforthelads’ claims

Watchers on the Wall editor-in-chief “Sue the Fury” even tweeted to confirm that their source was not the same as awayforthelads:

Why others aren’t buying it

Though some leaks in the past have wound up being accurate, those reports were not the only ones coming out. There have been many people in the past, usually Redditors, who claim to have inside information about the show but their accounts wind up going nowhere. Awayforthelads could just be another false claimant. 

Another argument against believing in everything awayforthelads has to say comes from the broad contents of their leaks. The examples of past leaks are all very specific — a person with connection to a specific aspect of the show (i.e. someone claiming to be an extra).

But these leaks are major broad strokes of the plot without some important details filled in. There’s also a matter of the contents in the leaks.

This looks more of a meticulously written fantasy cloaked as a leak,” a Redditor wrote in a discussion thread.
Others are taking some of the plot details as truth, and assuming the rest is made up. “This person does know various things,” another Redditor said. “But they also inserted some/a lot of fanservice and theories to make the leak more impressive.

The point is: We’ll have virtually no way of know whether awayforthelads is legit or not until season seven airs. Until then, /r/FreeFolk continues to be the hub of possible-spoiler discussion and fans will have to decide for themselves how much they believe in the leaks.

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