[SPOILERS] Here’s the preview for the next episode of ‘Game of Thrones’

Daenerys game of thrones
Is Dany on the lookout for Jon? HBO

Euron is heading back triumphant to King’s Landing after successfully overtaking his niece’s fleet of ships next week on “Game of Thrones.”

HBO has released the teaser for season seven, episode three, “The Queen’s Justice,” and it shows Euron bringing his “gift” to Cersei and Grey Worm and his army attacking Casterly Rock. It also looks like Daenerys may get her visit from Jon Snow, although she may also get informed that her plan to take down the Lannisters has had a few hiccups thanks to Euron.

It should be another action-packed week next Sunday. Season seven, episode three will air July 30. 

Check out the trailer below: