All the biggest moments from the 'Game of Thrones' season 7 premiere

Game of Thrones season 7HBOArya Stark learned a lot from her time in Braavos.

Warning: Huge (very huge) spoilers for “Game of Thrones” season seven. If you aren’t caught up on the series, read at your own risk.
In the long-awaited premiere of season seven of “Game of Thrones,” we got to revisit most of our beloved characters after the longest break we’ve ever had from the series.

And it was definitely satisfying, and moved the story forward in a way that makes us even more excited about season seven than we were before the premiere.

Here’s our recap of the the season 7 premiere of “Game of Thrones:”

Winter came for House Frey.


Arya poisoned the Freys! Basically all of them, except the women.

Arya slitting Walder Frey's throat (after baking his sons into pie) wasn't the end. Most of us assumed she fled the Twins immediately after the murders to pursue other big names on her infamous list. But turns out, she didn't.

At first, it seemed like Walder Frey's speech was a flashback of the Red Wedding, or something similar. But as he continued talking in detail of how he was responsible for murdering the Starks, it got more obvious what was happening. Especially when Arya (as Walder Frey) said, 'leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe.'

And Arya gave a subtle but powerful smirk as she exited the hall at the Twins.

Jaime's trust of Cersei is gone, or close to it.


After Cersei killed a huge chunk of the cast of the series in the season six finale, Jaime seems to question her power, even though she's now the Queen of Westeros. With House Frey gone and House Bolton gone, the Lannisters have no remaining allies in Westeros.

Jaime also seems pretty upset at the fact that Cersei's decisions led their only remaining child, Tommen, to kill himself. But Cersei says that his suicide was a betrayal.

Cersei says she has a plan, and right then Euron Greyjoy comes into King's Landing with his Iron Fleet. But Cersei denies his proposal of marriage, and Euron leaves the Red Keep, saying that he will come back with a gift that might change her mind.

Surrounded by enemies, refusing Euron's proposal seems like a stupid move, but he still seems determined to help her.

Cersei also somehow now knows that her brother Tyrion is alive and well, and serving as hand of the queen to Daenerys Stormborn. Perhaps Qyburn is serving her well as master of spies and getting her reliable info from across the Narrow Sea. Cersei also seems to know House Frey has been eradicated, but obviously has no idea it's coming for her as she speaks.

In the North, Littlefinger is being creepy, as always. And Sansa says Jon needs to be smarter than Robb and Ned.


During Jon Snow's speech at Winterfell, Sansa sparred with him over his decision to leave House's Karstark and Umber to their rightful families. They betrayed the Starks and fought for Ramsay, and Sansa suggested that their houses be given to families who remained loyal to the Starks.

Jon was upset that Sansa challenged his authority in front of so many people. And after making some suspicious faces during Jon's speech, Littlefinger asked Sansa if she was happy, and what she needed to be happy.

She didn't really give an answer, and then Brienne of Tarth came up to interrupt them. Brienne definitely knows that Littlefinger is a creep. Sansa tod Brienne that he's still in Winterfell because he saved them from Ramsay and his army, which is true. They need the Knights of the Vale. But why is Littlefinger always so creepy? Maybe we'll never know.

The Night King gets closer South, and Bran gets to the Wall.


It doesn't take much convincing for Bran and Meera to get to Castle Black. Bran knows what Edd has seen, and that's enough to let them through. Hopefully Bran's knowledge of the past, present, and future can help the Night's Watch fight the army of the dead.

Ed Sheeran is the enemy -- but not for long.


Ed Sheeran's cameo included a reference to the books and to a song about a long dead character, Tywin Lannister, who Tyrion killed in the season four finale, 'The Children.'

Sheeran and his Lannister soldier friend who Arya runs into in the premiere sing, 'For hands of gold are always cold, but a woman's hands are warm.'

The song is actually from the books, and chronicles a huge event back in season four. The hands of gold refer to Tywin being the hand of the king, and the woman referred to in the song is Shae, whom Tyrion killed right before killing his father.

In her time with these Lannister soldiers, Arya seems to learn that Lannisters can be good people, as not all of them are Cersei or Tywin. They offer Arya food and comfort, and they enjoy her incredibly funny joke about how she's headed to King's Landing to murder the queen. The funniest joke is that they have no idea that Arya is totally capable of doing that.

The Citadel is terrible.


Sam scoops some poop, which is definitely not what he (or we) were expecting from his time studying to be a maester at the Citadel in Oldtown.

In the meantime, he, with the help of Gilly, is trying to figure out how to defeat the White Walkers. And they figure out something that can definitely help: underneath Dragonstone, there's dragonglass, which can kill the White Walkers.

The Hound has a humanising moment.


Travelling North with the Brotherhood Without Banners including Thoros of Myr (with a very 2017 man bun) and Beric Dondarrion, the Hound has a huge moment. They seek shelter at a home that the Hound realises is one he robbed with Arya back in season four. The father and daughter died in their home because of starvation, and Beric Dondarrion points out that it looks like the father killed his daughter to stop her suffering.

The Hound buries their bodies with the help of Thoros. He also sees the army of the dead coming through fire, and seems to understand what this Lord of Light thing is all about now.

For the first time ever, Daenerys sees her birthplace and ancestral home of Dragonstone.


Jaime Lannister was right: Tyrion and Daenerys Targaryen would head straight for Dragonstone. Dragonstone is where her ancestors landed when they first conquered the Seven Kingdoms, and it's where she was born.

We had visited Dragonstone before in the show: It's where Stannis Baratheon lived. At the end of the season seven premiere, we see Daenerys tear down Stannis' banners.

Now, she'll hopefully have a more successful attempt to take King's Landing from the Lannisters than Stannis did back in season two.

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