The Visual Effects In 'Game Of Thrones' Season 4 Are Mind-Blowing

An incredible amount of work goes into making “Game of Thrones” look as stunning as it does.

The Emmy Award-winning visual effects studio Rodeo FX released a new video compilation of their work on season 4 of the HBO series.

The mystery behind some of the glorious sweeping establishing shots have been revealed, and we get a good look at the full scope of how everything from landscapes to large armies is assembled on screen.

For example, this scene featuring Arya and the Hound shows the desolate wasteland lying in front of them is actually quite serene.

Another sequence shows a city pop up right before Daenerys’ eyes.

Daenerys’ “unsullied” army was actually much smaller than it appeared. Most of the soldiers were added digitally.

It turns out Daenerys’ view wasn’t as spectacular in this shot overlooking a vast kingdom.

This is how most of the scenes occur. Here, a post-production background made this white walker and his horse look much smaller.

The battle sequences are particularly fun to watch come together, as these men on horseback look rather silly without the epic scenery added to the background.

Watch the full sizzle reel below.

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