Everything You Need To Know Before Season 3 Of 'Game Of Thrones' Premieres

game of thrones season 3

Season three of “Game of Thrones” premieres tonight.

If you’re still not caught up before the show starts, we have you covered.  

Here’s a quick recap to get you prepped before winter comes at 9 p.m. tonight on HBO. 

Arya, Gendry, and Hot Pit escape from Harrenhal thanks to the help of Jaqen.

He takes on a new identity — face change and all — and heads to Braavos.

Robb Stark marries Jeyne Westerling against his mother's best wishes. He was promised to wed one of the Frey daughters in exchange for a bridge to cross.

Lady Stark lets the King slayer Jaime Lannister go ...

He's being escorted back to King's Landing in exchange for Sansa.

Winterfell is burning to the ground, but the Stark children Bran and Rickon are safe and on the road with Osha.

Tyrion was stripped of his role as Hand of the King to Joffrey after he helped lead the Lannister house to victory.

He even took a blow to the face for it.

Instead, that title went to his father, Tywin Lannister, after riding in to rescue the city.

The Hound has left King's Landing after refusing to fight for King Joffrey in the Battle of Blackwater Bay.

He offers to take Sansa with him, but she stays put.

Sansa may have been better off going with him as King Joffrey has accepted a new woman, Margaery Tyrell, to be his Queen.

Executive producer and writer, David Benioff has said the arrival of the Tyrell family at the end of season 2 will be a big part of the new season.

Jon Snow was captured by the Wildlings ...

... and is going to meet the King beyond the wall.

Daenerys gets her dragons back ...

... locks the King of Qarth in his vault for their theft ...

... and, plunders his gold and jewels to purchase a ship

The men of the Night's Watch hear three horn blasts in a row — something that hasn't happened for centuries and has them all spooked.

The White Walkers have descended upon them.

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