'Game of Thrones' fans can't get over how grown-up the actor who plays Robin Arryn is now

HBODid you recognise the young actor to the far left on Sunday’s ‘Game of Thrones’?

The series finale of “Game of Thrones” on Sunday ended with a few twists and surprises, but one that fans can’t stop talking about is the unexpected return of Robin Arryn.

Fans last saw the Stark cousin on season six of the HBO drama, when Littlefinger pledged that the Vale would help Sansa against House Bolton. Back then, he was practicing archery with little success.

Appearing all grown up on the finale, the Lord of the Eyrie and the Warden of the East at least looks like he can wield a sword and a bow now.

Robin arryn game of thrones evolutionHBORobin Arryn in season six versus season eight.

Fans couldn’t stop talking about Arryn’s glow-up, with some calling it one of the best reveals of the finale.

Lino Facioli, the actor who played Lord Arryn, also grew up on the show alongside Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner. He appeared on the first season when Catelyn Stark brought Tyrion to the Eyrie.

On the series finale, Arryn was one of many unexpected faces who joined together for a great Westeros council to choose the new ruler of the Six Kingdoms.

Robin arryn game of thrones transformationHBOHere’s a look at how Robin has changed throughout the show.

No one may have been more surprised at all the attention Lord Arryn received on the finale than the actor himself.

“Definitely didn’t expect my morning to start off like this,” Facioli said in a tweet sharing a story that referred to his character as “Hot Robin Arryn.”

Us either, Facioli. Us either.

You can follow along with our “Game of Thrones” coverage here.

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