[SPOILERS] Who was the smartest, dumbest, luckiest, and most emotional this week on 'Game of Thrones'

Warning: Spoilers for “Game of Thrones” season seven, episode six, “Beyond the Wall.” If you aren’t caught up on the series, read at your own risk.
Every week the game of thrones changes. This week there was a lot of talking, wights, Arya monologues, lightning speed travel, and more wights. It was mostly unpleasant, and not many characters are playing the throne game particularly well right now.

Every week, we round up and detail which character was the smartest, dumbest, luckiest, and more in our power rankings.

Here’s the “Game of Thrones” power rankings based on season seven episode six, “Beyond the Wall”:

The smartest: Beric Dondarrion, Sansa Stark


Beric Dondarrion has died six times but somehow has the best brain this week. He doesn't know exactly what the Lord of Light wants from him, but unlike his one-time resurrected buddy Jon Snow, he accepts his fate with gratitude, not brooding, and uses his new lives for a greater purpose. Jon kind of does this, but he sounds like he thinks the Lord of Light is annoying. After talking with Beric, he seems to come around to this new perspective.

Sansa Stark also uses her noggin this week: she's asked to travel to King's Landing, but sees right through Cersei and refuses to travel for a month to an event that could lead to her death. She sends Brienne instead. Go, Lady Sansa, go!

The dumbest: Tyrion Lannister, The Hound

HBO/Helen Sloan

This week Tyrion's plan to capture a wight and bring it to Cersei proves that it's as dumb as it sounds. While Tyrion is thinking about the future, he's not doing a very good job getting his queen to listen to him, which is a problem since he is Hand of the Queen. We're desperately hoping that Tyrion Lannister has a grand plan we don't know about planned for next week's awkward meeting of enemies in King's Landing.

The Hound loves cursing and throwing rocks, apparently. His foolish throwing of rocks at a dumb wight makes them realise that the lake has frozen over, allowing them to attack. Sure, that wight did deserve to get hit in the skull with a big rock, but The Hound is so much better than this.

The most creative: The Night King


The Night King definitely knew what he was doing during the frozen lake attack. It looks like he knew dragons were coming, or at least that they could be on their way, and had a plan on what to do once they made their debut North of the Wall. His plan worked, because now he has a dragon on his side, in addition to an entire army of dead people, giants, and polar bears (there has to be more than one of those by now, right?).

The luckiest: Jon Snow


Jon Snow foolishly led a group of very skilled men into a battle that he knew they could not win. And when Daenerys offers him a free ride on her freaking dragon, he continues fighting wights. Luckily his Uncle Benjen comes out of literally nowhere to save him, sacrificing himself for his nephew who thought he'd been dead this whole time.

The unluckiest: Thoros of Myr, but also everyone who is alive


Thoros got wounded by the zombie polar bear. After Beric seals his wounds with a flaming sword, we were under the impression that he might make it. But he froze to death during the prolonged stand-off on the frozen lake and his body was burned to avoid reanimation by the dead.

He's unlucky in that way, but he also won't live, like everyone else, to see what the Night King has in store now that he has a dragon.

The most preoccupied: Tormund Giantsbane


Tormund wants to have babies with Brienne, and for some reason he's under the impression that she's really into him, too. Hopefully he gets a lesson about consent, flirting, and courtship before they meet again.

The most emotional: Daenerys Targaryen


Daenerys lost one her 'children' when her dragon was killed north of the wall, and is so emotional this week that she puts aside her thirst for the Iron Throne and agrees to help Jon Snow defeat the Night King.

The most confident: Gendry and his war hammer (two week streak!)


Gendry confidently runs back to Eastwatch to send a raven to Daenerys asking for help. And it is quite a good run for a guy who has never seen snow before.

The happiest: Davos Seaworth


As a fellow man of the south, Davos was delighted to see Gendry return to Eastwatch alive after running in that horrible blizzard. Yay Davos! Yay Gendry!

The creepiest: Littlefinger


He was barely in this episode, but that doesn't stop him from being creepy.

The most annoying: Time


The time jumps on this season of 'Game of Thrones' are necessary, and have moved the story to places where it needs to go. But this week it got absurd.

After the first White Walker attack, Jon sends Gendry back to Eastwatch to send a raven to Daenerys. Within what seems like a few days, Daenerys gets that raven (was it via email?), and rides beyond the wall to save everybody with her dragons.

With a completely new and unprecedented depiction of time, we're a little annoyed and frustrated that things seemed to work out perfectly this time. In previous seasons, these events would span at least half of an entire season.

The most ignorant (or the best thespians): Arya and Sansa Stark

HBO/Helen Sloan

Arya and Sansa just can't get along, and seemingly can't sit down for a few hours and catch up. Especially with their brother, Bran. He might be acting weird now, but he knows things. Yes, the Stark sisters had a rivalry growing up, but that's what sisters do, especially ones with opposite personalities.

After Sansa told Arya that she wished she had killed Joffrey herself, it doesn't make sense for Arya to think she actually worked for the Lannisters. Arya also trained to be a professional at this whole spying thing in Braavos, so Littlefinger getting to her erodes away at her story arc of the past two seasons. And after years of getting to know Littlefinger, it wouldn't mak sense for Sansa to fall into his traps so easily.

The wolves of Stark need to work together if they want to survive, so hopefully next week we'll find out that Arya and Sansa have feigned this feud to put Littlefinger in a weak position, AKA: ready to be killed for his betrayal.

The most hated: The writers

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Between the substantial time jumps and an unbelievable feud between the Stark sisters in Winterfell, we just don't trust the writers this week. Hopefully the frustrations in 'Beyond the Wall' are all part of the build-up to an incredible and satisfying season finale.

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