'Game of Thrones' star Peter Dinklage says 'everybody was a wreck' after one of the show's young stars finished shooting

HBOPeter Dinklage plays Tyrion Lannister.
  • Peter Dinklage spoke with Vulture about filming the final season of HBO’s “Game of Thrones.”
  • The actor said it was hard to say goodbye to his cast members.
  • He specifically said one young actor’s goodbye wrecked the cast.

Peter Dinklage said it was difficult to say goodbye to his “Game of Thrones” costars.

In an interview with Vulture, the 49-year-old actor spoke about the last days on set for the eighth and final season of the hit HBO show and said there was one particular actor whose goodbye affected the entire cast.

“I won’t say their name or their character’s name, but one of the young people on the show wrapped this past season and everybody was a wreck,” he said. “This person had grown up on the show, you know? They were a child and now they were an adult. And then they’re done. It’s like we were witnessing this person saying good-bye to their childhood.”

Some of the show’s stars, including Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) and Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran Stark), started filming the show when they were barely teens.

Dinklage said “it was really hard” to bid farewell to his cast members, but he tried to go to set on their final days, even if he wasn’t filming. And it was mutual.

For Dinklage’s final day as Tyrion Lannister, he said it was “anticlimactic” but “beautifully bittersweet.”

“A lot of people whom I love were on set that day,” he said. “Even if they weren’t working, they came to set, which was beautiful.”

Though he wouldn’t go into detail about Tyrion’s end, Dinklage did say that he thinks it is a “very good conclusion.”

“No matter what that is – death can be a great way out,” he said.

Read his interview with Vulture here.


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