Yes, the number of nude people on 'Game of Thrones' dropped a lot in season 7 -- here are the stats

Season seven of “Game of Thrones” had its issues, but in the end it was satisfying.

But you might’ve noticed that it didn’t feel like other seasons of the show. And that might have to do with its lack of nudity. There was nudity, of course, especially with Jon Snow’s behind being the star of the finale. But compared to the other seasons, the nudity dropped substantially.

Broadly noticed, and did a deep dive into the amount of nudity in season seven, among other topics.

Here’s what they found:

  • Season one: 33 naked people (88% women, 12% men)
  • Season two: 16 naked people (100% women, 0% men)
  • Season three: 19 naked people (79%, 21% men)
  • Season four: 23 naked people (91% women, 9% men)
  • Season five: 28 naked people (68% women, 32% men)
  • Season six: 22 naked people (91% women, 9% men)
  • Season seven: 6 naked people (50%, 50% men)

Notice anything different about season seven? It has around a quarter of last season’s number of nude people, though it does have gender parity in its nudity for the first time.

Broadly also put all their research into this very handy chart that measures the amount of nudity in season one through seven:

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