The Night King on 'Game of Thrones' was originally supposed to be shirtless

HBO/InsiderThe Night King was originally supposed to be shirtless
  • INSIDER got an exclusive look inside the studio that makes prosthetics for HBO’s “Game of Thrones.”
  • According to the co-founder of the studio, the Night King was originally supposed to be shirtless.
  • This would have extended the already four-hour-long makeup and prosthetics process for actor Vladmir Furdik.
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“Game of Thrones” is the most expensive show on television, with episodes this season costing about $US15 million each. That means that showrunners can get top-notch makeup and prosthetics for the HBO show. But according to the people who make the prosthetics, HBO originally planned the Night King’s prosthetics to be even more complex than they are now.

BGFX Ltd. has been making the prosthetics for the show since season four, which is the season we first see the series’ biggest foe. According to BGFX co-founder Barrie Gower, the Night King was supposed to be shirtless, which would have added even more time on to the four-hour-long process of applying the Night King makeup and prosthetics to actor Vladmir Furdik.

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“We first sculpted a whole chest piece because I don’t think the costume had been decided on at the time as well, and at one point, he was going to be topless,” Gower said. “So it would have been an awful lot of work, probably, doing all the body artwork.”

Gower gave INSIDER a look inside the BGFX studio just outside of London. Among the different prosthetic and makeup pieces he showed us, we got to see rows of life casts they made for all the dead characters on the show. The studio was careful to cover the molds for characters that will die on the final season.

Watch our full studio tour with BGFX Ltd.:

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