Kit Harington says there’s definitely more tension between Jon and Sansa in season 7

Sansa jon snow
Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark and Kit Harington as Jon Snow on HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Helen Sloan/HBO

In season 6 of “Game of Thrones,” the mini Stark family reunion between Sansa Stark and Jon Snow was a breath of fresh winter air in a season that didn’t give us much room to breathe.

But before their reunion at the Wall, Jon and Sansa had a rough relationship growing up in Winterfell. Like her mother, Catelyn, Sansa looked down on Jon for being born a bastard.

Sansa withheld her knowledge of the Knights of the Vale’s interest in helping them take Winterfell from Ramsay Bolton (which probably mostly had to do with Littlefinger, the creepiest character in Westeros), but Sansa admitted to Jon that she should have trusted him with this information all along.

Even though Sansa admitted this, season 6 ended with looks that suggest Sansa might have a problem with Jon being proclaimed King of the North. And to prove nothing’s ever good in Westeros, Kit Harington recently told Entertainment Weekly that there’s a power struggle between the two siblings in season 7.

“There is definite tension between them right from the first scene,” said Harington. “There are the same problems — she questions his decisions and command; he doesn’t listen to her. But as far as where that goes or takes them or how dark it can get, we’ll see. It gets past sibling squabbling, it gets into two people power struggling.”

But take Kit Harington’s words with a grain of salt. For a year, he said that Jon Snow was definitely dead and not coming back. If he’s telling the truth, however, it sounds like all may not be well between Sansa and Jon this season.