A 'Game of Thrones' fan proposed to his girlfriend surrounded by a crowd dressed as the show's characters

Hundreds of “Game of Thrones” fans in costume for San Diego Comic-Con posed for pictures on the steps behind the Convention Center.

That’s when Prince Rhaegar Targaryen removed his helmet, dropped to one knee, and asked for Lyanna Stark’s hand in marriage.

“Game of Thrones” fan Chris Setts popped the question to his girlfriend Hayley Smith while they were both dressed in cosplay at a meet-up for the show’s fans. The couple was surrounded by Daenerys Stormborn, Jon Snow, Margaery Tyrell, and Cersei Lannister look-a-likes.

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“We met doing ‘Game of Thrones’ cosplay on the steps right over there two years ago,” Setts tells Tech Insider.

The pair has come back ever since. This year, Setts gave a little speech and asked Smith if she’d be his queen.

Setts and Smith came dressed as Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and Leanna Stark, who we now know are Jon Snow’s real parents.

Leanna was the younger sister of Ned Stark, the late King of the North. She was kidnapped by House Targaryen, contributing to the outbreak of a war between the two houses.

In the season six finale, it was revealed that Leanna died during childbirth. Just before she passed, she asked her brother Ned to look after the baby boy, Jon Snow.

Young Starks Ned Lyanna Brandon Bran vision Game of ThronesHelen Sloan/HBOBran Stark saw his aunt Leanna as a girl during a greenseeing episode.

We have no doubt Setts and Smith will make for a happier couple.

Now the question is, will the couple pursue a “Game of Thrones” wedding theme?

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