This family's elaborate 'Game of Thrones' cosplay stopped fans in their tracks

This is House Bebo, a family of cosplayers who were the talk of San Diego Comic-Con with their elaborate “Game of Thrones” costumes.

When I first spotted Daline Bebo, the six-foot-seven father of two was ascending a staircase where a hundred or so “Game of Thrones” cosplayers gathered for a group photo. He wore an animal hide around his shoulders, platform boots, and a mask that widened the bridge of his nose. A miniature Sansa Stark and Joffrey Lannister held his hands.

“Yeah! Wun Wun!” the crowd cheered.

The decision to cosplay as “Game of Thrones” characters was a no-brainer for Daline and his wife Naomi, who are diehard fans of the show. Their costumes were such a hit, the family couldn’t make it two minutes without being stopped to ask for a photo.

Naomi (who cosplayed as a femme Jon Snow) made the family’s costumes, except hers and Joffrey’s pants, by hand.

“We even brought our sewing machine to our hotel so we could finish up things, and we broke it,” Naomi tells Tech Insider. “We spent a good day in our hotel room just hand-stitching everything that we couldn’t get to with the sewing machine. It took a long time. Worth it!”

We couldn’t agree more.

“I worked on my hair myself,” five-year-old Demitra says. “I don’t watch ‘Game of Thrones.’ Only my parents. I only wanted to do it to be Sansa.”

Daline got major props from fans for cosplaying as the beloved, recently deceased Wun Wun. The giant hailed from The North, beyond The Wall, and joined forces with Jon Snow’s army to take down Ramsey Bolton.

Wun Wun went out a hero, opening the gates at Winterfell just before being shot to death in the Battle of the Bastards.

Daline said his cosplay is lighter than it looks. The foam in his boots gives the already tall gentleman an extra boost.

“He’s always had an affinity for the larger, more prolific characters, I think,” his wife says. Daline also cosplays as Hellboy, and they’re working on a Baymax (“Big Hero 6”) costume.

After the photo shoot, the family headed to the waterfront, where the girls had been promised ice cream cones.

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