7 genius desserts that were inspired by 'Game of Thrones'

Game of Scones” is a “Game of Thrones” cookbook that’s inspiring people all over Instagram.

The genius behind this creation is Jammy Lannister, a self proclaimed, “long-standing member of the King’s guard, and one of the finest bakers in the Seven Kingdoms.”

Here are seven genius desserts to make before the next episode of “Game of Thrones.”

For the full recipes, buy the book here.



Game of Scones

This dessert is an explosion of chocolate and fruit that serves a gruesome reminder to always finish your dinner before walking away. You make it by filling a chocolate egg with raspberry jam. When you squeeze the “eyes” and crush the chocolate egg a little, brain-like pieces of jelly ooze out.

Jammy Lannister

Using a gingerbread man cookie cutter, you’ll bring this dessert to a short-lived life. Sandwiched with strawberry jam, the gooey ‘blood’ gushes from his hand. Mmmm.

Nedible Stark…

…and Nedible Traitor

These cake-pop heads are coated in creamy milk chocolate, and jabbed with a cake-pop stick for easy eating. The brick house is stacked with Rice Krispies and marshmallow fluff, making for a classic childhood treat with a twist.

Red Velvet Wedding

This red velvet cake is sealed with thick buttercream icing and soaked in a sweet “blood” glaze. The swords are made from crunchy chocolate and silky caramel.


This small shortbread cookie is coated in “royal” icing and made from both cornflour and plain flour.


This walnut whip cookie oozes on the outside with dark chocolate and sticky marshallow fluff. The Walker holds a blue-eyed jelly baby in his hand.

See the “Game of Scones” cookbook for the full recipes.

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