Here's how to catch up on 'Game of Thrones' if you've never seen it

For five seasons, “Game of Thrones” has shocked, excited, and appalled millions of viewers.

And on Sunday, it returns for its sixth season.

Fans have cheered when favourite characters have won and screamed when they have died, and this next season is sure to bring more of the same.

For those wondering what this show is about or fans wanting a recap of everything that has transpired in the past five seasons, here’s a very brief episode-by-episode breakdown of seasons one through five:

S1 E1: The Introductions

  • Eddard (Ned) Stark honorably kills a Night's Watch deserter but not before receiving the first warning about the White Walkers.
  • Direwolf puppies are found and given to the Stark children.
  • Ned accepts the offer to become the King's Hand.
  • Daenerys is given to Khal Drogo for marriage and receives three stone dragon eggs as a wedding gift.
  • Jaime pushes Bran out of a tower after the child stumbled upon Jaime engaged in a sexual act with his sister, Cersei.

S1 E2: The Stark family separates

  • Jon Snow leaves Winterfell to join the Night's Watch.
  • Ned, Arya, and Sansa depart to King's Landing with the rest of the royal party.
  • While he's unconscious, Bran is attacked by an assassin, but is protected by his mother and his direwolf. Catelyn suspects the Lannisters have something to do with Bran's accident, so she leaves to tell Ned.
  • Joffrey shows how awful he is by taunting Arya's friend Mycah and cutting him with a sword. Arya retaliates, and as Joffrey threatens her, her direwolf, Nymeria, jumps to her rescue.
  • Ned kills Sansa's direwolf at Cersei's demand after Nymeria cannot be found.
  • Bran wakes up from a brief coma.

S1 E3: Ned's investigation begins

  • The royal party and Stark family reach King's Landing.
  • Bran doesn't remember that he was pushed. He also learns that he is paralysed.
  • Catelyn arrives in King's Landing and learns that the assassin's knife belonged to Tyrion Lannister. She tells Ned and he decides to investigate.
  • Daenerys learns that she is pregnant.

S1 E4: The tides are turning

  • Daenerys is taking to her new role as Khaleesi and doesn't put up with her brother's insolence.
  • Bran has a nightmare where he sees the three-eyed raven for the first time.
  • Samwell Tarly arrives at the Wall and Jon protects him as the others taunt and attack him.
  • In his investigation, Ned learns that Robert has a bastard son, Gendry.
  • While on his way back from visiting the wall, Tyrion stops at an inn where he finds Catelyn returning to Winterfell. She takes him captive.

S1 E5: The Lannisters and the Starks are at odds

  • Catelyn has taken Tyrion to the Eyrie, her sister Lysa's home. They are attacked on the way, but rather than escape, Tyrion saves Catelyn's life.
  • Varys tells Ned that King Robert is in danger and confirms that the former hand of the king was poisoned.
  • Ned resigns as the King's Hand after refusing to order Daenerys' assassination.
  • Jaime Lannister and his men attack Ned after learning that Catelyn captured Tyrion.

S1 E6: Ned discovers the truth about the Lannister siblings

  • Bran is briefly captured by wildings but is saved by Robb and Theon.
  • As a prisoner in the Eyrie, Tyrion demands a trial by combat and Bronn steps forward in his stead. Bronn wins.
  • Ned takes further actions against the Lannisters. He also discovers that Cersei and Robert's kids are actually the result of an incestuous relationship with her brother.
  • Daenerys eats a stallion heart as a Dothraki pregnancy ritual.
  • Khal Drogo kills Daenerys' brother by pouring a pot of molten gold on his head for threatening his wife and unborn child.

S1 E7: Ned is betrayed

  • Ned confronts Cersei with the truth and tells her to leave the city or else he will reveal it.
  • Robert is mortally wounded during a hunt and names Ned to rule in his stead until Joffrey comes of age.
  • Jorah saves Daenerys from an assassination attempt. Drogo is angered and decides to take the Iron Throne for his wife and unborn son, something no Dothraki khalasar has ever done.
  • Robert dies and Ned confronts 'King Joffrey' with the decree saying he is in charge. Cersei rips it up and tells Ned to bend his knee to the new king. Ned tells the City Watch to arrest Joffrey as he has no claim, but he is betrayed by Littlefinger and taken captive.

S1 E8: The Lannisters and Starks go to battle

  • Sansa is captured by Lannister men, but Arya escapes thanks to the protection of her sword tutor, Syrio Forel. As she is escaping, she accidentally kills a stableboy who tries to grab her.
  • With his father as the Lannister's prisoner, Robb calls on the Starks' bannermen to fight.
  • The Night's Watch encounters wights in Castle Black when a body they found comes back to life. It can only be killed by fire.
  • Drogo is injured during a fight with one of his warriors and Daenerys insists that a healer she saved help him.

S1 E9: Ned's execution

HBO/Game of Thrones screengrab
  • Catelyn strikes up a deal with the Freys so that Robb and his troops can cross the river: Arya and Robb must marry one of Walder Frey's children.
  • Lord Commander Mormont gives Jon a Valyrian sword as a thank you for saving his life from the wight. Maester Aemon reveals himself as a Targaryen to Jon.
  • Drogo is dying and falls off his horse. The healer says she can save him and Daenerys trusts her. Daenerys goes into labour.
  • Robb manages to defeat Jaime's army and capture him.
  • Ned offers a false confession to save his daughters but is executed under Joffrey's orders.

S1 E10: The Mother of Dragons emerges

  • A member of the Night's Watch grabs Arya, who had been hidden in the crowd, and disguises her as a boy.
  • Jaime tells Catelyn that he did shove Bran off of the tower.
  • Tywin Lannister orders his men to retreat from Robb's army in the North and sends Tyrion to King's Landing to act as the Hand of the King.
  • Daenerys awakens to learn that her child is dead and her husband is in a catatonic state. The healer exacted her revenge on the Dothraki that attacked her village and raped her. Daenerys can't help Drogo, so she smothers him with a pillow. She lights a funeral pyre, places the dragon's eggs in it, burns the witch alive, and walks into the flames. In the morning, she's found alive and unscathed with three baby dragons.

S2 E1: The war has begun

  • Jon and members of the Night's Watch are north of the Wall where they learn that wildings are assembling for the King-Beyond-The-Wall, Mance Rayder. They stay at Craster's Keep and see that he has many wives and daughters, but no sons.
  • Bran is left as the Lord of Winterfell while Robb is out fighting.
  • Stannis, one of Robert's brothers, has aligned with Melisandre, a woman who serves the Lord of Light. Stannis believes he is Robert's heir, since Robert's children are bastards. His brother Renly is also claiming the throne.
  • Catelyn wants to return to Winterfell, but Robb, seeking northern independence, sends her to form an alliance with Renly.
  • Daenerys is leading her people through the Red Waste where they have no food or shelter.

S2 E2: Theon is met with disappointment

  • Arya is venturing north with the Night's Watch recruits when men from King's Landing come searching for Robert's bastard. They leave but say they will return with more men. Gendry doesn't know what they want him for. Arya tells him who she is.
  • Cersei rejects Robb Stark's peace terms.
  • Melisandre has won Stannis over with a promise of a son and is able to control his choices.
  • Theon heads home to the Iron Islands to find his father angry at him and unwilling to accept Robb's demands. His father tells him to earn his crown and implies that he should fight the Starks.
  • North of the Wall, Sam meets Gilly, one of Craster's wives who wants to escape. Jon refuses to help because of orders but follows Craster into the woods one night and sees him leave a baby boy in the woods.

S2 E3: The Starks are seeking alliances

  • Craster spots Jon and severely beats him. He orders the Night's Watch to leave, and Jon learns that the Lord Commander knew what Craster was doing with the baby boys.
  • Catelyn arrives at Renly's camp and meets his wife, Margaery Tyrell, and the strong Brienne of Tarth. Margaery knows of her husband's relationship with her own brother, Loras.
  • Instead of returning to Robb and warning him about his father's plans to attack the North, Theon gives into family loyalty.
  • Tyrion's prostitute, Shae, wants freedom, so he helps her become Sansa's handmaiden. He also devises a plan to form an alliance with Dorne by marrying Myrcella, Cersei's daughter, into House Martell.
  • The Night's Watch recruits are overcome by Lannister men but Arya is able to trick them into thinking someone else is Gendry.

S2 E4: Melisandre shows how powerful her magic is and Sansa suffers in King's Landing

  • Arya, Gendry, and Hot Pie are taken to Harrenhal, where Tywin is set up. Tywin notices that Arya is a girl disguised as a boy and makes her his cupbearer.
  • Joffrey orders Sansa beaten and stripped in front of the court. Tyrion puts a stop to it.
  • Tyrion realises that Lancel Lannister, his cousin, is sleeping with Cersei and instructs him to be his spy.
  • Stannis arrives at Renly's camp with Melisandre in tow, but Renly dismisses his brother's request of fealty. Later that night, Melisandre gives birth to a shadow creature.
  • Daenerys learns that the city of Qarth will accept her, though she is initially turned away after refusing to show her dragons unless helped first.

S2 E5: Renly is killed and Theon betrays the Starks

  • The shadow creature kills Renly, and Brienne is blamed for the death. She escapes with Catelyn.
  • Tyrion learns that the King's Landing has a stockpile of Wildfire, a dangerous and flammable substance.
  • Theon stages a raid to draw Winterfell's forces from the castle.
  • Arya saved a man, later revealed as Jaqen, who was a prisoner of the Night's Watch and as a thank you, he tells her that he will kill three people of her choosing.
  • Daenerys is offered a marriage proposal from a wealthy Qarth man who promises to help her invade Westeros.

S2 E6: Jon Snow encounters wildings

  • Theon captures Winterfell and forces Bran to surrender. Osha, the wilding woman, sleeps with him and then sneaks out to save Bran, Rickon, Hodor, and the direwolves.
  • Robb wants to head North, but his bannerman, Roose Bolton, tells him that his bastard son, Ramsay, can handle it.
  • Myrcella is shipped off to Dorne to stay until she is old enough to marry the Martell's youngest prince. The city is filled with refugees who attack the royal family as they head back to the castle. Sansa is grabbed but later saved by The Hound.
  • Jon and some Night's Watch members stumble upon some wildings and kill all of them except for a woman, Ygritte. He is ordered to kill her but hesitates, and she escapes. He manages to capture her, but they are separated from the party.
  • Daenerys is trying to negotiate for ships, but when she returns to her quarters, her guards are dead and her dragons are missing.

S2 E7: Theon searches for the escaped Stark boys

  • Theon learns of the Stark's escape and heads out to hunt for them. He is unable to find them, but he returns with the burned bodies of two young boys and tells everyone that they are Bran and Rickon.
  • Jaime manages to lure a Stark guard into his cell, kills him, and escapes, but he is soon recaptured.
  • Ygritte escapes and leads Jon into an ambush where he is captured by wildings.
  • Daenerys is looking for her dragons and a warlock tells her to find them at the House of the Undying.

S2 E8: Arya escapes from Harrenhal

  • Ygritte argues on behalf of Jon's life, so he is not executed by his wilding captors. Somewhere else north of the Wall, Sam finds dragonglass weapons.
  • Yara, Theon's sister, arrives at Winterfell and tells Theon to abandon the castle and return with her.
  • It is revealed that Bran, Rickon, Hodor, and Osha have been hiding in the catacombs under Winterfell.
  • Jaqen helps Arya, Gendry, and Hot Pie escape from Harrenhal.
  • Catelyn frees Jaime and sends Brienne to escort him back to King's Landing in the hopes of exchanging him for her daughters.

S2 E9: Battle of the Blackwater

  • Stannis and his troops seek to invade King's Landing, but Tyrion leads the defensive troops.
  • As Stannis' ships approach, Tyrion sends out one boat filled with the Wildfire, which has been leaking the substance into the water.
  • Bronn shoots a burning arrow that causes an explosion and destroys much of Stannis' fleet. Stannis sends the survivors ashore and a battle ensues.
  • Tyrion is slashed by a traitor but saved by his squire, Podrick.
  • Tywin and his forces arrive, as well as their new allies from House Tyrell, and defeat Stannis' troops.

S2 E10: Daenerys has visions in the House of the Undying

  • Tyrion survives the attack but is no longer the Hand of the King since his father has arrived.
  • Joffrey becomes betrothed to Margaery Tyrell.
  • Against his mother's warnings, Robb secretly marries Talisa.
  • Theon's troops betray him as Ramsay's army attacks Winterfell.
  • Arya and her friends encounter Jaqen again, and before he leaves, he gives her a coin that will help her find him in Braavos should she ever want to. He changes his face into a new one.
  • Daenerys goes through the House of the Undying and sees visions of different locations and events. She finds her dragons, utters the word 'dracarys,' and they burn the warlock.
  • Jon Snow kills his fellow captive 'brother in black,' per his request, to gain the wildings' trust and learn about their plans. Elsewhere, Sam watches an army of wights, led by a White Walker, advance.

S3 E1: Daenerys arrives in Astapor, Margaery proves her cunning skills, and Jon meets Mance Rayder

  • Lord Commander Mormont, Sam, and the other survivors retreat back to the Wall after the battle with the White Walkers.
  • Jon is taken to the main wilding camp and is introduced to Mance Rayder.
  • Margaery proves herself to be a smart woman as she earns the love and trust of the poor people and orphans in King's Landing. She earns the admiration of Joffrey too.
  • Robb takes Harrenhal only to find that Tywin and his troops abandoned the castle and killed hundreds of prisoners of war.
  • Daenerys and her ship arrives at Astapor, a city in Slaver's Bay. There, she is introduced to the Unsullied troops. As she is heading back to her ships, she is attacked by a disguised warlock and saved by Barristan Selmy, former Lord Commander of Robert's Kingsguard who was dismissed when Joffrey took the throne.

S3 E2: Jaime tries to escape from Brienne and Bran learns about his abilities

  • Bran and co. encounter Jojen and Meera Reed in the woods. Jojen explains to Bran what his dreams mean, as well as his warg abilities.
  • Theon is chained and tortured in a dungeon by unknown captors disguising themselves as ironborn men.
  • Robb leaves Roose Bolton in charge of Harrenhal and heads to the Riverlands, Catelyn's home, so she can see her family after her father's death.
  • Arya, Gendry, and Hot Pie encounter the outlaw band of the Brotherhood Without Banners. It turns out The Hound is their captive, and he reveals Arya's identity to the group.
  • Jaime tries to escape from Brienne and is unable to, but they are discovered by soldiers from House Bolton.

S3 E3: Daenerys makes a deal, but Jaime fails and loses his hand

  • Daenerys decides to take all 8,000 Unsullied soldiers and offers to trade one of her dragons for them.
  • Mance has a plan to breach the Wall and sends Jon with them to prove his loyalty to the wildings.
  • A stranger helps Theon escape from his captors, but while on the run, his captors close in. Before they can harm him any more, the stranger kills them all with a bow.
  • Jaime and Brienne are held by some of Bolton's men. Jaime tries to barter his freedom for money, but one of the men cuts his sword-hand off.

S3 E4: Daenerys gains control of Astapor

  • The Brotherhood Without Banners charge the Hound to a trial by combat with Beric Dondarrion.
  • The stranger says he is taking Theon to a castle where his sister has control. Theon breaks down and regrets betraying the Stark family. He tells the truth about the young boys but as they arrive at the castle, the stranger reveals himself as the captor and the 'escape' as a sadistic torture method.
  • Craster is not taking care of the Night's Watch members who survived and one of the men retaliates by stabbing him in the neck. As the Lord Commander tries to take control, he is stabbed in the back by one of his men and pandemonium erupts. Sam grabs Gilly and her newborn son, and they run into the woods.
  • Daenerys trades her largest dragon, Drogon, for the Unsullied. As the master insults her and struggles to control the dragon, she reveals that she understood everything he was saying. She orders her new army to kill the slavers and free the slaves, and she orders Drogon to burn the master. She offers the Unsullied their freedom, but they all decide to stay in support.

S3 E5: Jon and Ygritte get close and Beric is brought back from the dead

  • Ygritte decides to test Jon's loyalty to the wildings by making him break his oath of celibacy.
  • The Lannisters learn of the Tyrell's plan to have Sansa marry Loras. To fight this, Tywin's idea is to force Tyrion to marry Sansa and Cersei to marry Loras.
  • The Hound defeats Beric in the trial by combat, but Beric is resurrected by the power of the Lord of Light.
  • Robb is forced to make another alliance with Walder Frey after some of his men abandon him for killing their Lord after an act of disobedience.

S3 E6: Climbing the Wall

  • Littlefinger departs for the Eyrie, leaving Sansa behind to marry Tyrion.
  • Melisandre finds the Brotherhood and buys Gendry with sacks of gold. She is also shocked to learn that the Lord of Light has brought Beric back six times.
  • Because he broke the previous agreement, Robb tries to fix his alliance with the Freys by giving his uncle to Walder Frey's daughter.
  • Jaime, who at this point has been found by Roose Bolton, is to be sent back to King's Landing without Brienne.
  • Jon, Ygritte, and some other wildings are climbing up the steep and enormous Wall. Many wildings do not survive the climb.

S3 E7: Jaime shows he has a heart

  • Daenerys and her troops approach Yunkai, another city run by slavers. She threatens to show no mercy if her demands of freedom for the slaves are not met.
  • Theon is repeatedly tortured, but Ramsay takes it a step further and castrates him.
  • Talisa is pregnant.
  • Arya escapes from the Brotherhood but is captured by The Hound.
  • Gendry learns that he is a bastard son.
  • Roose Bolton heads to the home of House Frey, while Jaime heads back to King's Landing and leaves Brienne at Harrenhal. He learns that Brienne isn't safe and returns to find her in a bear pit. He saves her and the both of them head south.

S3 E8: A tense wedding

  • Tyrion and Sansa are wed, and after the tense wedding ceremony and feast, Tyrion tells Sansa that he will not force her to sleep with him.
  • The Hound tells Arya that he is taking her to the Freys so he can give her to Robb for a ransom.
  • Melisandre seduces Gendry, uses leeches to extract his blood, and plans to sacrifice him to the Lord of Light.
  • Daario, a sellsword, brings the heads of his captains to Daenerys to pledge his loyalty to her.
  • Sam and Gilly are attacked by a White Walker, but Sam uses one of the dragonglass daggers he found earlier and it is revealed to kill the creature.

S3 E9: The Red Wedding

  • Bran and group are hiding in a tower during a storm when wildings (Jon included) approach. Bran wargs into Hodor to stop him from shouting. Jon refuses to kill an innocent man proving that he isn't one of the wildings. Bran uses his abilities to warg into his direwolf and save his half-brother. Jon escapes.
  • Osha, Rickon, and his direwolf separate from the group, while the rest head north.
  • Dany sends three men to break into Yunkai and they soon gain control of the city.
  • Robb and his men arrive at the Freys for the wedding of his uncle and Frey's daughter. But during the feast, Catelyn, Talisa, Robb, and many of the Stark bannermen are killed after the betrayal of Frey and Bolton men.
  • Arya and The Hound arrive to see the massacre, but he knocks her out and carries her to safety before she endangers herself.

S3 E10: Castle Black prepares for White Walkers while Daenerys has another victory across the sea

  • Arya kills a Frey soldier who was mocking her brother's murder forcing the Hound to kill the rest of the small group.
  • After extensive torture, Theon succumbs to Ramsay's taunting and becomes 'Reek.'
  • Jaime and Brienne make it to King's Landing but Jaime is unrecognizable.
  • Sam helps Bran and co. make it to the other side of the wall after a surprise encounter. He deduces who Bran is by the direwolf. He continues to Castle Black with Gilly.
  • Jon encounters Ygritte and she angrily shoots him with three arrows, but not to kill him, and he returns to Castle Black.
  • Davos helps Gendry escape from Melisandre, but instead of being punished, Melisandre says that he will play a large role in the future. Stannis decides to take his troops north to help the Night's Watch.
  • Yunkai's freed slaves call Daenerys their 'mother.'

S4 E1: Daenerys learns that her battles are far from over

  • Prince Oberyn Martell arrives in King's Landing from Dorne for Joffrey and Margaery's wedding. He immediately makes clear that he is on a revenge mission against the Mountain, who murdered his sister, and Tywin, whom Oberyn believes planned the slaughter.
  • Jaime gets a golden hand. Cersei rebuffs his attempts to rekindle their incestuous relationship.
  • Jon is called to testify to men of the Night's Watch about what he did with the wildings. Though some of the men are hostile, he warns them of Mance's planned attack.
  • Arya and the Hound encounter a couple Lannister men, one whom Arya recognises killed her friend and stole her sword, Needle. A fight breaks out and as the Hound takes care of most of the men, Arya gets her sword and kills the man who murdered her friend.
  • As Daenerys and her troops march to Meereen, they encounter children nailed to a cross which mark each mile of the 163 miles to the slave city.

S4 E2: The Purple Wedding

  • Roose Bolton is disgusted by his bastard's son torture of Theon but learns that Rickon and Bran Stark are still alive and sends men to hunt them.
  • After touching a weirwood tree, Bran has visions of his father, wights, and ravens and learn where he must travel to.
  • It's the day of Joffrey and Margaery's wedding and Joffrey is as insolent as ever. He destroys the rare book Tyrion gifted him and has five dwarfs act as the five fighting kings in a crude joust. Tyrion handles the situation in a smooth manner, but the angry Joffrey dumps wine on his head and forces him to be his cupbearer. Margaery attempts to diffuse the situation by announcing that it is time to cut the pie. Joffrey cuts it, eats some, and demands Tyrion serve him his wine. He begins to cough, vomit, convulse, and he collapses. He dies in his mother's arms, and Tyrion is arrested on the belief that he poisoned Joffrey.

S4 E3: Daenerys moves forward and Sansa escapes

  • Cersei and Jaime rekindle their relationship near their son's corpse.
  • It is revealed that Sansa was led away from the wedding in the chaos and taken to a ship where Littlefinger was waiting. He promises to keep her safe.
  • Oberyn confronts Tywin about his sister's death and Tywin promises to arrange a meeting between Oberyn and the Mountain so he can seek his revenge. Tywin also asks for Oberyn for Dornish help against the Lannister enemies.
  • Daenerys lays siege to Meereen. Daario acts as her champion and easily wins.

S4 E4: Daenerys the conqueror and White Walker skills revealed

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  • Disguised as slaves, several Unsullied soldiers attempt to cause an uprising in Meereen. They are successful and Daenerys crucifies 163 slave masters in retaliation for the children they crucified.
  • Jon seeks men to travel north with him to deal with the Night's Watch traitors at Craster's Keep. Bran and co. are found and captured by the men at Craster's Keep. Bran reveals his identity to save his friends.
  • Jaime visits Tyrion in the dungeon and Tyrion convinces him that he is innocent. He sends Brienne to find Sansa and keep her safe, as well as gives her the Valyrian steel sword his father gave him.
  • Lady Olenna coyly tells Margaery that she would never have let her marry Joffrey and that she needs to earn the trust of Tommen, the heir apparent, before his mother can control him.
  • Sansa learns that Littlefinger was involved in Joffrey's murder and it was a poisoned stone from her necklace that killed him.
  • A White Walker picks up one of Craster's baby sons and touches him, turning the child's eyes White Walker blue.

S4 E5: The Seven Kingdoms have a new king and Daenerys tries to rule three cities

  • Daenerys debates heading to Westeros with her army, but she learns that the cities she had conquered are falling and decides to prove her worth by ruling the three cities.
  • Tommen becomes the king of the Seven Kingdoms.
  • Littlefinger and Sansa arrive at the Eyrie and Sansa is disguised as Littlefinger's niece. Littlefinger and Lysa, Catelyn's sister, marry that night.
  • Jon's men reach Craster's Keep, and though Bran spots his brother, Jojen tells him not to go to him as they need to continue north. Ghost and Jon are reunited.

S4 E6: Tyrion's trial

Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO
  • Yara attempts to rescue her brother, but Theon, unable to leave his Reek persona refuses to go with her, and she must retreat without him.
  • Tyrion goes to trial. Jaime convinces his father to spare Tyrion's life, bt Tyrion doesn't believe his family is honorable. Shae testifies against him, angering him, and he denies murdering his nephew but adds that he wish he had. He demands a trial by combat.
  • Daenerys meets with her people, though she quickly learns that her responsibilities are much more difficult than she was prepared for.

S4 E7: To the Eyrie

  • Bronn rejects Tyrion's request to act as his champion against the Mountain but is visited by Oberyn who offers to act as his champion.
  • Daenerys sends Daario and his men to recapture Yunkai and gives the masters an ultimatum.
  • Brienne finds Hot Pie and learns that Arya Stark is still alive and last spotted with the Hound. Brienne and Podrick, who joined her when she left King's Landing, decide to head to the Eyrie.
  • Littlefinger kisses Sansa in the yard and Lysa sees. She threatens to kill Sansa by throwing her down the Moon Door, but Littlefinger interferes. He then reveals that he loved Catelyn and shoves Lysa to her death.

S4 E8: Oberyn vs the Mountain

  • Ramsay sends Theon to get the ironborn men to surrender and presents the Greyjoy flag to his father. Roose legitimises Ramsay as his son. The Boltons head to Winterfell.
  • It is revealed that Jorah was sent to spy on Daenerys for King Robert in exchange for a pardon. Jorah admits that he spied at the beginning but stopped and begs for her forgiveness. An angry Daenerys tells him to leave the city or she will have him killed.
  • Littlefinger testifies that he is innocent of killing Lysa and says it was a suicide. Sansa, who has revealed her identity, lies on Littlefinger's behalf.
  • Arya and the Hound arrive at the Eryie and learn of Lysa's death.
  • During the trial by combat, Oberyn gets the upper-hand and gravely wounds the Mountain, but he falls victim to his hubris and the Mountain overtakes him, crushing Oberyn's skull with his bare hands. Tyrion is sentenced to death.

S4 E9: The wildings attack

  • The Night's Watch attempts to defend Castle Black from the thousands of advancing wildings.
  • The wildings have giants and mammoths coming from the north and charging the Wall's gates. A giant manages to break through and Jon sends men to defend the inner gate.
  • The southern army of wildings begin to scale the castle walls. Those that have landed in the courtyard are met with Alliser Thorne and other men.
  • Jon spots Ygritte pointing an arrow at him, but Olly, a young member of the Night's Watch, shoots her with an arrow and kills her. Jon holds her as she dies.
  • The Night's Watch is able to keep the wildings at bay and Jon keeps the lone survivor of the southern group in Castle Black, Tormund, as a prisoner.
  • Jon thinks of a plan to kill Mance Rayder and departs through the tunnel to the wilding camp.

S4 E10: New beginnings and betrayals

  • Wildings take Jon to Mance where the two reflect on the loss of their friends. As Jon proposes that Mance and the wildings turn back, Mance reveals his plans to overtake Castle Black and asks simply for safe passage through the wall so the wildings can escape the impending White Walkers without killing all of remaining Night's Watch.
  • Mance realises that Jon was going to assassinate him even if it meant his death and is surprised, but before they can discuss further, Stannis and his troops arrive and quickly defeat the wildings. Mance surrenders.
  • Further north, Bran and co. reach the tree Bran has seen in visions, but as they near it, skeletal wights emerge from the snow and keep them back. Soon, some of the wights burst into flames and a strange girl beckons the group to a cave. Jojen is stabbed and dying, so Meera cuts his throat and runs to the cave. The strange girl reveals herself to be a member of the Children of the Forest. They encounter an old man who is the Three-eyed raven.
  • Daenerys learns that Drogon burned a child and tearfully decides to lock up her two remaining dragons for the safety of her people. Drogon is missing.
  • The Mountain is dying from poisoned wounds, but Cersei lets a former maester experiment on him to try and save him.
  • Jaime sneaks into Tyrion's cell and helps him escape. He's to meet Varys, but he quickly decides to break into his father's room. When he arrives, he finds Shae in his bed and he strangles her. He takes a crossbow off of the wall and finds his father sitting on the toilet. He shoots one bow into Tywin's stomach and then another into his heart, killing him. Varys and Tyrion, in a crate, depart for Essos.
  • Brienne finds Arya and the Hound and tries to convince Arya to go with her. The Hound and her fight, but Brienne gets the upper hand and gravely wounds him. Arya has run away during the fight. Arya goes to the Hound and refuses to kill him out of mercy and instead walks away. She heads to the coast and finds a ship bound for Braavos. There, she uses the coin given to her by Jaqen to board the ship.

S5 E1: Attempting to form alliances

  • A flashback shows a prophesy given to a young Cersei where she learns that her children will die before her and she will not stay queen.
  • Tyrion and Varys arrive in Pentos and Tyrion agrees to travel to Meereen to support Daenerys.
  • The Sons of the Harpy begin to attack Daenerys' men. Daario was successful in his mission to Yunkai but the people want the fighting pits reopened.
  • Stannis wants the wildings to fight for his army and seeks Jon's help in forming the alliance. Stannis promises land and freedom to those who accept. Mance will not give in and is burned alive. Jon is disgusted and fires an arrow into his chest, killing him swiftly.

S5 E2: Power shifts

  • Arya waits for days at the House of Black and White and when she gives up, she finally meets Jaqen again who tells her she must become 'no one.'
  • Cersei is taking control of King's Landing as Tommen is not old enough. She worries for Myrcella's safety in Dorne following Oberyn's death. Jaime seeks Bronn to travel with him to Dorne.
  • Ellaria, Oberyn's lover, wants to kill Myrcella on behalf of Oberyn and send the body to Cersei, but the Prince of Dorne says he will not slaughter children.
  • Brienne and Podrick find Sansa and Littlefinger, but Sansa also refuses to go with her. Brienne doesn't trust Littlefinger, so the two secretly follow them.
  • Daario captures a member of the Sons of the Harpy and Daenerys debates on how to handle the situation. She decides on a trial, but he is killed against her orders. She kills the man responsible for justice, but the freed slaves are angry.
  • Stannis promises to legitimise Jon as a Stark and make him Lord of Winterfell if he leaves the Night's Watch. He denies the offer and is later voted the new Lord Commander.

S5 E3: New rulers

  • Margaery marries Tommen. Cersei knows Margaery has the ability to manipulate her new husband, and she is not pleased with the new arrangement.
  • What remains of the Mountain's body moves under a sheet.
  • Littlefinger is taking Sansa to Winterfell to marry Ramsay, since the Boltons and the Lannisters no longer have a deal since Tywin's death. Littlefinger warns the Boltons to keep Sansa from harm, unaware of Ramsay's sadistic nature.
  • Stannis plans to attach the Boltons at Winterfell, but Jon will not send men from the Night's Watch to fight with him. Jon, taking his new role seriously, beheads Janos Slynt, a member of the Night's Watch, on the count of treason for disobeying his orders multiple times.
  • Arya is learning about the House of Black and White and what it means to become 'no one,' but she is unwilling to forget her past completely.
  • While in Volantis, Tyrion is abducted by Jorah who decides to take him to Daenerys.

S5 E4: The Faith Militant restored and the Sons of the Harpy attack

  • Cersei attempts to build up an alliance with the High Sparrow and plans to reinstate the Faith Militant, a religious military branch. She sets them on Loras, and they arrest him for homosexuality. Margaery tries to get Tommen's help, but he has little power against the High Sparrow.
  • Bronn and Jaime land in Dorne and defeat a small group of Dornish sentries.
  • Ellaria Sand and three of Oberyn's bastard daughters (the Sand Snakes) learn that Jaime is in Dorne and decide that they must take Myrcella away before he does.
  • Tyrion deduces why Jorah took him captive, and the two continue on to Daenerys.
  • Melisandre tries to seduce Jon into joining Stannis at Winterfell, but Jon stays firm in his loyalty to the Night's Watch.
  • The Sons of the Harpy lead a number of attacks on the city. A small group of Unsullied are outnumbered and Grey Worm is the only surviving soldier. Barristan Selmy arrives in time to save Grey Worm, but they are both severely wounded.

S5 E5: Jorah contracts greyscale

  • Grey Worm is barely alive and Barristan is dead. Daenerys rounds up the leaders of Meereen's noble families as prisoners and feeds one to her dragons. She decides to reopen the fighting pits for freed men and also agrees to marry one of the leaders to fortify her place in the city.
  • Jon forms an alliance with the wildings to help fight the White Walkers. Many of the men in the Night's Watch are not pleased with this new agreement. Stannis' army heads to Winterfell.
  • Sansa receives a note from Brienne on how to reach for help should she need it. She encounters Ramsay's lover who pretends to be kind to her and takes her down to Reek/Theon.
  • As Tyrion and Jorah sail through Old Valyria, they are attacked by Stone Men. They barely escape, but it is revealed that Jorah was touched and is now infected with greyscale.

S5 E6: Sansa's wedding

  • Arya trains with the Faceless Men in the House of Black and White and finds herself in the Hall of Faces. She is able to lie convincingly, but she is still not ready to leave her past behind.
  • Jorah and Tyrion are spotted by slavers and captured, but Tyrion is able to keep the, safe by convincing them that Jorah could be sold at the fighting pits for his sword skills.
  • Jaime and Bronn find Myrcella and Trystane Martell in the Dornish gardens, but when they try to take Myrcella away, the Sand Snakes attack. They fight until the prince's guards interfere.
  • Back in King's Landing, Littlefinger reaffirms his loyalty to the Lannisters but says that Roose Bolton arranged the marriage of his bastard son to Sansa Stark. He convinces Cersei to let him lead an army against the Boltons.
  • Margaery is arrested by the High Sparrow for lying about her brother's sexuality.
  • Reek/Theon is forced to give Sansa away at her wedding to Ramsay. Later, Ramsay rapes Sansa and forces Reek/Theon to watch.

S5 E7: Cersei's plan backfires

  • Jon and the wildings head to Hardhome to rescue the other wildings in the north.
  • Sansa demands to know what Ramsay did to Theon to make him Reek, but he is unable to answer. Sansa tries to get him to help and tells her to put a candle in the tower as a message to Brienne. He takes it to Ramsay's room instead.
  • Ramsay summons Sansa and shows her the flayed body of the woman who said she could get help as a warning, revealing that Reek told him everything.
  • Stannis' men are trapped in a blizzard and many are dying, but Melisandre says they will win if a sacrifice is made. She implies that Shireen, his daughter, must be killed.
  • Myrcella tells Jaime that she doesn't want to go back to King's Landing.
  • Cersei visits Margaery in her cell and gleefully leaves, but Littlefinger and Olenna have worked together to get her imprisoned by the High Sparrow by privately revealing her relationship with her cousin Lancel, now a member of the Faith Militant.
  • Daenerys goes to the fighting pits and soon realises Jorah is the fighter. Before he can be taken away, he calls Tyrion out, and Daenerys is stunned.

S5 E8: Hardhome

  • Tyrion convinces Daenerys to spare his life and also Jorah's. She exiles Jorah but keeps Tyrion as an advisor.
  • Arya changes her identity for the first time and is sent on her first assassination mission.
  • Jon and wildings arrive at Hardome, but as they gather, a massive army of wights and White Walkers attack. Jon and a White Walker go to battle and are both astonished when Jon's sword is able to defeat it. The surviving wildings flee to the ships. As they sail away, they watch the Night's King rise an army of wights from those slaughtered.

S5 E9: Daenerys and Drogon flee

  • Ramsay and 20 men raid Stannis' camp, burning food, weapons, and horses. They are unable to return to Castle Black and cannot take Winterfell. Stannis is convinced that the only way to win is to sacrifice his daughter, so he does.
  • Jaime and the prince of Dorne strike a deal that Myrcella will go back to King's Landing, but so will Trystane. The prince of Dorne tells Ellaria she will not get a third chance.
  • Arya abandons her mission to follow a man from her past and lies about it.
  • Daenerys is at the fighting pits when the Sons of the Harpy begin to attack. She is trapped when Drogon swoops in and attacks. Daenerys climbs on his back and they take off.

S5 E10: Fates hang in the balance

Jon Snow died on 'Game of Thrones,' or maybe not?
  • Stannis prepares to attack Winterfell but learns that many of his men have left and Melisandre has abandoned him. They quickly lose to the Bolton men. Brienne finds Stannis and the camera cuts as she swings her sword at him.
  • As Sansa tries to escape, Reek and Ramsay's lover find her. Reek proves that he is still Theon by shoving the lover into the courtyard to her death. Theon and Sansa jump into snow.
  • Arya returns to kill the man she recognised. When she returns to the House of Black and White, she encounters Jaqen who tells her a debt must be paid, and after mass confusion over who Jaqen is, she begins to go blind.
  • Tyrion is left in charge of Meereen, as Daario and Jorah leave in search of Daenerys. Meanwhile, Daenerys wanders in search of food and is soon surrounded by Dothraki riders.
  • Ellaria kisses Myrcella before she leaves, and on the ship back, Myrcella dies from being poisoned.
  • Cersei confesses to some sins and is led nude through the city on a walk of shame as she is pelted with gross objects and called names. Once back at King's Landing, a new member of the Kingsguard, presumably an undead Mountain, takes her to her room.
  • Sam ventures to the Citadel to become a Maester. Jon is later stabbed by Olly and other members of the Night's Watch, left for dead in the snow.

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