'Game of Thrones' left the fate of a few beloved characters ambiguous after Sunday's massive battle

HBOGrey Worm is the commander of Daenerys Targaryen’s Unsullied army.
  • Warning: Major spoilers ahead for HBO’s “Game of Thrones” season eight, episode three, “The Long Night.”
  • Sunday’s episode featured the highly anticipated Battle of Winterfell, with our heroes defending the castle against the Army of the Dead.
  • The show confirmed the survival of many major characters in a montage at the end, but the fates of Grey Worm and Ghost were left ambiguous.
  • Both appear briefly in the teaser trailer for episode four, so they’re alive.

The third episode of HBO’s “Game of Throne’s” final season, titled “The Long Night,” saw many soldiers fall in the highly anticipated Battle of Winterfell.

Some major characters, like Lyanna Mormont and Theon Greyjoy, were clearly killed by the Army of the Dead. After the climactic moment of the 82-minute episode, when Arya Stark killed the Night King and ended the battle, a short montage confirmed the survival of many others.

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The fates of a few more, however, were left ambiguous.

Both Grey Worm and Jon Snow’s direwolf, Ghost, were on the front lines of the battle when the wights attacked, and neither had scenes that confirmed either death or survival.

But worry not: They’re both in the teaser for the next episode.

Grey worm ghost game of thrones aliveHBOGrey Worm and Ghost are both seen alive in the teaser for episode four.

Of course, it’s hard to imagine the show killing many of these characters surreptitiously and not giving them proper onscreen send-offs. But there’s your answer anyway, for the sake of thoroughness.

Watch the teaser for episode four here.

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