Game Changing Innovations 1-30

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Great ideas happen every day, but few have the power to change the world.  

These innovations in health, energy, space and transportation are poised to make a serious impact on the future. 

Here’s our complete list of 30 innovations that will change the world: 

1. Edible Food Packaging

2. Affordable DNA Sequencing

3. The Inflatable Seat Belt

4. Ovarian Tissue Transplants

5. Microbes That Make Energy

6. Commercial Space Flight

7. A Tiny Microscope That Attaches To A Cell Phone

8. Lab-Grown Meat

9. Subretinal Implants That Restore Sight To The Blind

10. Supersonic Flight

11. The Water Recycling Shower

12. An inflatable abdominal tourniquet

13. An assisted walking device that senses your step

14. A fabric that generates electricity from body heat

15. A car engine that reduces emissions

16. A low-cost cooking stove for the developing world

17. An artificial “brain” that can diagnose breast cancer

18. Laser-guided bullets

19. Adaptive Cruise Control

20. Lab-grown organs

21. Robotic Surgery

22. Augmented reality contact lenses

23. Life-saving oxygen foam

24. Printed skin cells

25. A sewage elimination system that will revolutionise air travel

26. A blood test that can predict heart attacks 

27. A nanoparticle system that could cure cancer 

28. The world’s most efficient solar cells 

29. A vaccine for drug addiction 

30. A potential cure for paralysis 

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