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Mitt Romney fell one point in Friday’s Gallup poll and now leads President Barack Obama by six points, 51 per cent to 45 per cent, in the seven-day tracking poll.Obama’s numbers held steady at 45 per cent for the third consecutive day. 

The Gallup results are an outlier compared to other national polls, most of which put the race much closer. The disparity has caused several prominent statisticians, including New York Times polling guru Nate Silver, to raise questions about Gallup’s “likely voter” model. 

As Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein points out today, the model tends to show the effects of singular events — such as a debate — more than other polls. Today’s results, which include polling from Oct. 11-17, could be starting to reflect the effect that the second presidential debate has had on the race.

Gallup’s poll of registered voters held steady for the third consecutive day Friday, with Romney leading Obama 48 per cent to 47 per cent — results that are far more in line with other national polling. 

Obama’s job approval rating also held steady at 50 per cent, although the number of voters polled who disapprove of the president’s job performance rose two points Friday, up to 46 per cent. 

Watch the video below to see where each candidate stands in electoral votes and what their respective paths to victory are:

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