Galleon's Co-Founder Is Living Life As A Cowboy 'Cutting Horse' Champion In Texas

gary rosenbach

Galleon Group’s co-founder Gary Rosenbach has been spending his time riding horses on a ranch in Weatherford, Texas since leaving the now-defunct hedge fund firm, Dealbook’s Peter Lattman reports.

Rosenbach left Galleon citing family health reasons months before its chief Raj Rajaratnam was arrested in 2009 for insider trading, the report said.

Rajaratnam was sentenced to 11 years in prison.  Rosenbach was never accused of any wrongdoing, but he disappeared from the finance world. 

Dealbook located him in the “cutting horse capital of the world.” Cutting is a sport where the rider is judged on how well they can separate a cow from its herd.

Earlier this month, he won the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Super Stakes Derby Amateur Championship.

There’s money to be made, too.  Although it’s nothing compared to Wall Street bonuses, Rosenbach took home $5,138 in prize money, according to Quarter Horse News.

You can see him in this YouTube video: 

[Hat Tip: Dealbreaker]

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