Finally, The NYC Steakhouse That Lets Customers Pick Their Own Cuts Is Reopening

Today, we are happy to report that Gallaghers Steakhouse will reopen on February 4th, in the year of our Lord, 2014.

If you’ve been following this roller coaster of a story, you know that Gallagher’s was almost closed in late 2012, for “economic reasons.”

But when you’re a restaurant that has inhabited West 55th Street since 1927, there’s usually someone out there willing to keep the lights on. In this case, owner Marlene Brody sold the restaurant to Dan Poll, the operator of Boathouse.

“For more than 86 years, Gallaghers has been a part of the fabric of New York City,” said Poll, restaurateur and new owner of Gallaghers. “With this renovation, we’ve preserved the heart of the restaurant while completely modernizing the dining room, open kitchen, and event space upstairs, not to mention our updated menu.”

Naturally we’ll be there checking it out, picking our own cuts of steak.

Check out the menu below:

FINAL Gallaghers Menu Jan 2014 by ycmedia

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