Samsung's Next Galaxy Phone Will Probably Have A Fingerprint Sensor Just Like The IPhone 5S

Samsung Galaxy S4Robert Libetti/ Business InsiderThe Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung will likely release two versions of its next flagship phone, the Galaxy S5. It’s the latest of several such reports we’ve heard in recent months.

According to a research note from KGI Securities, which has a great track record of predicting future products, the two Galaxy S5 phones will be designed to attack both the high and low ends of the market. 9to5Google first had the report.

The entry-level device will have a 5.2-inch screen, 16 MP camera, and 2 GB of RAM. Previous rumours have said that the device will have a plastic body.

The premium phone, which KGI calls the Galaxy S5 Prime, will have a faster processor and 3 GB of RAM. It will also likely have a fingerprint sensor similar to the one on Apple’s iPhone 5S. Other rumours have said the Prime model will have a metal body.

Finally, KGI says the Galaxy S5 Prime will have “3D gesture support,” which is likely an upgrade to the touchless gestures on Samsung’s current flagship Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4 lets you swipe through screens and answer calls just by waving your hand over the device.

Samsung has already said the Galaxy S5 will launch by April along with a new Galaxy Gear smart watch.

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