Samsung is giving away explosion-proof boxes for the Galaxy Note 7 recall

Samsung has stopped making and selling Galaxy Note 7 phones, which had a nasty tendency to catch fire while charging, the company announced on Tuesday.

Now comes the recall — the company is recommending anyone with a Galaxy Note 7 “power down” and return the phone to where they bought it.

But because the phones are more likely than most to combust, this isn’t a typical recall. The phones need to be treated carefully.

Samsung has started to ship special return packaging for the Galaxy Note 7 to customers, according to a video posted by xdadevelopers.

The return kit includes very specific packing instructions, a thermally insulated box, and even a set of gloves to handle the dangerous recalled smartphones. 

The box is specifically labelled that it is for “damaged/defective lithium ion batteries” and that it’s “forbidden for transport by aircraft.”

So Samsung can’t even fly these recalled phones to their recall centres — they have to ship them by ground. 

Samsung packagingYouTube/xdadevelopersThe inner layer has thermal insulation, presumably in case a Galaxy Note 7 catches on fire during transport

Look at all the layers of boxes:

Watch the entire unboxing of the box: 


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